We Have Done Our Best

We used to say that we have done our very best when there are still flaws in our efforts. We speak with confidence that based on our available resources and facilities and the adverse conditions and constraints that we are in, there is nothing more that we can do. But no matter how decisive we are, the very best that we have done is never our very best since there are always rooms for improvements.

We can do better if we are given more time

If we have enough time to ponder, we can plan and decide on better techniques and strategies. We can also practise and perfect them before carry out on a large scale. Given enough time, we can better improve the outcome of our endeavours.

We can do better if we have better facilities

If we are given more and better resources, we can do much more than before. If we are in better conditions, we are inspired to try out new tactics or methods. When we are abundantly blessed, we can do wonders.

We can do better if we have more talents and skills

Every human being is endowed with different types and degrees of talents. With time our talents improved through daily practices and sharing with others. We are then ready for more teamwork. The imparting and sharing of talents and skills greatly enhance and improve the quantity and quality of our achievements.

We can do better if we are well motivated

Some of us needs a little push. Others need some guidance and encouragement. Some of us are self-motivated. They believe in what they do.

We can do better if we become more realistic

Some of us can only do much better if they are discouraged by their surroundings and are desperate for struggle and survival. They try all means and ways to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

We can do better if we do the things we like and love most

We can do better if our hearts are in it. We can do better if we like and love what we do. Most people are good at going after their hobbies, their interests, their dreams and aspirations. Their hearts are in them, and they give them their utmost attention.

So the next time you intend to say that you have done your best:
  1. Ask yourselves whether you have tried your very best,
  2. Ask yourselves whether you have fully utilized all your resources and facilities, and
  3. Ask yourselves whether you have kept your adverse conditions and constraints under control.

If your answer is still yes, do remember that there are always rooms for improvements. Everyday is an adventure to everyone who knows deep inside that their best now is never the best they can do.