Living With Cats

We have 2 wonderful kittens that love to jump, run and climb up and down around the house. They are our cats number 8 and 9.

We have started living with cats when we decided to show mercy on a little crippled kitten at the back of our terraced house. Her mother has left her on her own, most probably because of her inability to move around.

We have fed her with milk and water as she was still unable to eat solid food. But she was a loving cat and just loved to snuggle around us or lying lazily on the sofa watching TV.

She was very happy to be with us and she never left our house for long. She slept inside the house. By morning she would go from room to room trying to wake everyone up.

She was clean and took many hours to clean her body. And she would never shitted around everywhere. The bathroom hole had been her usual toilet place.

I can still remembered the night when she gave birth to 3 premature kittens. She was inexperienced and begged for help. No knowing what else to do, we decided to lock her in a room. That night, the kittens all died when she had accidentally bitten them as she carried them around. It was a sad moment for her and she mourned for her loss for a long long while. We were sorry for the outcome.

She had no problem of delivery in later days. She gave birth to more than 30 kittens.

We are happy to have them and we always cook extra food just for them. Neighboring friends and colleagues did ask for them and we gave them freely.

We are very happy to notice that all our cats just know where to shit except one. The old mother cat had taught them well.

We have proper times for their meals and they will always come back in time. And every time they come home, they will greet us with their meows until we answered them.

The old mother cat had finally left us. She was nowhere to be found. We hoped that she died in peace and not knocked down by any vehicle.

Early this morning, the neighbors has phoned and requested for our cat numbor 8 and 9. We hesitated but we decided to give them willingly.

Looking back, we are really happy. We have kept more than 40 cats.

They are our beautiful and beloved cats and we love them. They are part of our big family.

Yeah, they are always welcome to stay in this house and we will always take good care of them.

I Just Love Singing

I love to sing. I don't have a good voice and I don't know how to sing. In fact, I know nothing at all about singing.

But I just love to sing alone, though not in public.

I sing when I am happy. Singing always makes me smile and laugh out loud.

I sing when I am sad. Singing helps me pour out all my feelings.

I sing when I am lonely. Sometimes I even talk to myself while I am singing. I thought as I grew up this odd habit would go away. But it never left me.

I sing when I have some inspirational thoughts. I love to turn my thoughts into songs. It helps to organize my thoughts and give me peace of mind.

I sing when I know not how to solve my problems. Singing always helps me to forget them for a while. Singing always gives me the calmness I need to deal with them.

I sing when I am angry at people. Singing helps me to control myself; singing helps me not to use abusing speech at others. Singing also helps me to get away from contentious people.

I thinking I will continue to sing with my hoarse voice. Though not many will appreciate my voice except myself and my loved one, nevertheless singing always helps to calm me down and makes me a better and a happier person.

I just love singing.

Live Well And Stay Well

Everybody is different, and I think a lot of it depends on you.

Some of us are better at thinking logically and creatively. They are able to handle a lot of problems and they always make wise decisions.

Some of us are emotionally stable and mature. They are able to put everything under control and their every presence always makes people more confident, enthusiastic, and competent in accomplishing the tasks given.

Some of us are hard-working and dedicated in everything they do. They are able to concentrate and focus on their tasks and produce quality, innovative, and efficient works.

And many of us are specialists and professionals in our fields of expertise.

Very few of us are very good in everything we think, feel or do.

And there are also those who are not good at all.

Maybe we need to be more observant and inquisitive. We must have the interest to learn and eager to master the various survival and life skills. We must be humble and willing to learn from others. We must learn to take notes and listen well what others have to say.

Many of us only pay attention on the things we like, neglecting everything too easy, too difficult, or too boring. We excel in study and work. We are good in sports and games. But we never like house work, child care, elder care, shopping and marketing, or meal preparation.

Some of us are quite an entertainer in our circles of friends but feel very awkward and downright difficult to deal with strangers and kids.

The worst scenario is when you feel that you are a born loser; nothing you do seems to work. You become pessimistic and cynical, and less confident about the future.

This needs not be so because everyone of us is richly bestowed with many talents.

Maybe we need to pay close attentions on certain life skills to live well and gain the respect and good will of the people around us.

Better still if we humbly pick up other useful skills as soon as we master some.

A man is a man when he takes responsibility for his actions. And the weathered man is the handsomest of all.

Live well and stay well. That's what many of us are learning to do...

True Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Someone who helps you when you are in need is a true friend.

And when you find and meet your true friends, you will treasure them for life.

And you just can't help thinking of them and thanking them when you have the opportunities....

And they will always be in your mind and you will always seek for their good when the needs arise.

They are friends who are friends indeed.

But there are also friends who are not friends.

These are friends who will join you when they need you.

These are friends who will join you when they want to make use of you.

These are friends who will join you when they want to hurt you.

They laugh and they scoff, and they smile scornfully. Their lives must have been very different from us indeed.

These are friends who will dump you when they don't need you.

These are friends who will dump you when you are of no more use to them anymore.

These are friends who will dump you when you are no more fun to them.

These are friends who are not friends because they make use of you and domineer your life. They do not even think twice about anyone except themselves.

Sometime we wonder why there is such people in the world.

But that is the reality of life.

But then, you will be surprised to find out that the world produces far more good friends for us to love and to cherish.

These are friends who will brighten your day.

These are friends who will console you in all your afflictions.

These are friends who will accompany you when you are in troubles and in need of help.

These are friends who will guide you through all your problems you may have.

These are friends who will care for you just as much as you care for them.

These are true friends and they are lurking in all the corners of the earth.

Be a good friend and you will find them slowly come out to meet you.

These are true friends and they are for life and they will always make you feel alive.

Is It Our Nature?

It was pouring cat and dog when we were in the middle of the journey to fetch our son from the airport. The rainstorm came as a blessing to all after weeks of scorching hot sunshine and warm temperatures.

The authority was prepared to carry out cloud seeding if the situation prolonged.

People everywhere were complaining about the drought.

Some were complaining of headaches and giddiness. Some were sweating profusely and unable to do their daily routine. Some couldn't concentrate on their works for long without getting tired and worn out.

The drought badly affected those who were having sinus and migraine headaches due to the change of weather.

Everyday, less and less people would go for a walk, jog, or do exercises. The heat was just unbearable, and there was no wind.

Everyday everyone was just complaining.

And now come the heavy downpour. Everyone is smiling and laughing again.

But they will start to mourn and wail again when the wet and cold weather continues.

They will worry about landslides and mudslides. They will be fearful of floods and thunderstorms. They will feel uneasy when they can't get out of the house and enjoy their outdoor activities. They will be disturbed when their daily supplies run out and when the clothes will never get dry.

It is common knowledge that we complain a lot.

But why? Is it because of our nature?