Peace Like A River

It was late afternoon when my son emails me regarding his problems. These are problems related to his study, his college, and some relationship issues.

I studied through the problems, analyzed them, and offered him some tips and advice; I am concerned and worried that negativity and fear may bog him down. It isn’t easy for a young man to deal and resolve problems on his own; he may easily be overwhelmed and frustrated.

My suggestion to him is to be single-minded and single-hearted in his pursuit.

Every problem, big or small, needs to be laid out, scrutinize, analyze, attempt, and solve. It isn’t easy, but becomes easier with time and practice.

But there are problems that are difficult to define objectively and accurately, and almost impossible to interpret and solve. What we have to do is to have an overview of the situation, seeing things from a wider and deeper perspective, and not too eager and hasty in solving and mitigating the problems.

And there are problems that are best left with God; only Him can and will make them clear to us and teach us what to do next.

I sympathize with my son but I can’t solve many of his problems. I can only tell him how I solved many of the similar problems that I personally had faced. My heart cries and yearns to help but he has to tackle things on his own. I can only watch from afar everything that happens. It isn’t easy and isn’t easier for him.

If only we have peace like a river in our soul.......

Tale Of A Country Home

An old man was mixing cement with sand, gravel, and water. He had thin and white hair, sun-kissed brown and tanned skin sparking with sweat, and a tall but thin stature.

He had worked hard for almost 2 hours now, virtually on his own. His son had offered help, only to give up too soon.

The old man was in his 80s, and his son was in his early 50s.

The son admired the father, wondering where he had found the strength, the stamina, and the endurance to work so hard and meticulous.

The old man took a break, puffing his cigarette and enjoying a mug of thick coffee from his understanding wife.

The son decided to give another try, only to get tired and fatigue faster.

The old man smiled, “Son, this work is not for you.”

The son smiled back ruefully, rather embarrassed.

The son was a teacher for more than 20 years; his father was a laborer for a very long time.

They were extending the house, making an extra room for the grandson who had planned to get married in a month time.

The grandson returned from work; he too joined in to help.

There were much laughter, fun, and closeness among the 3 generations of people; they could accept, understand and embrace one another, giving much joy, satisfaction and honor to the extended family.

Soon there would come the fourth generation… It would be fun.

From a distance you could hear them, laughing heartily......

My Dire Needs

We all have needs and wants. As children, we beg and cry in front of our parents, elderly relatives, older brothers and sisters with our requests and demands. We wouldn’t give up until we get all we want. Then we walk away with our victory smile and continue our daily activities.

These go on for many years. Then we grow up, work and accumulate wealth and riches. But in turn, many of us forget about our family, near relatives and friends in the time of prosperity, not wanting to share what we have with anyone.

In the time of our dire needs, we pour our heart out. All of a sudden, we have so much to share and explain, and so much needs and requests to bring forward. Our loved ones and friends listen carefully without interrupting, pity with us, and assist us in all our needs. But many of us just walk away in our time of prosperity, not wanting to be a part of them.

The same is true with God. In desperation, we always come to the Almighty God with sincere heart and prayer. All of a sudden, we have so much to pour out, so much to say. But in the time of prosperity, we live carelessly and we forget totally about Him.

We want things our way; we desire to see things work to our advantage.

Some of us use every means possible and imaginable.

Some of us would not forgo pride and ego; they don’t beg and cry; they don’t resort to illegal, immoral and unethical activities. They would rather die than jeopardize their integrity and code of conduct.

The funny thing about life is that we have a lot of needs and we will never be satisfied.

We always have rooms for more and extra!

We have accumulated so many, but we never seem to have enough.

Sometimes I wonder why the Almighty God never gives us everything we ask.

Maybe they will not do good to our body and soul; maybe they will ruin our testimony as His people. I don’t know.

But God did said, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

Maybe I need not have that many needs after all.

After all, what have I lacked these many years?

The Bible has said, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

And I always console myself with the little that I have.

But I am still very confused and unsatisfied.

It isn’t easy to only have the little that we have. Isn’t it?

It’s time to commit and submit to the will of God.

Only Him will know my dire needs.

It’s Spain

Spain won FIFA World Cup 2010.

Many had watched the match.

It was a fantastic match and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There were many goal chances and near goals.

There were many nice and precise passes and crosses.

There were many good tackles and interceptions.

But then, tensions were high and occasionally erupted into violence, and the succession of yellow cards.

I enjoyed watching Spain’s positive attitude to win.

They went for the ball, always seeking to control the ball and dominate the game.

They played as a team and played with purpose.

They were vigilant and forward-looking, always ready and fast to move up and down.

It surprised me that they didn’t score earlier.

Like all games, the goal surprised everyone; but it was a well deserved win.

FIFA World Cup 2010 came to an end.

FIFA World Cup 2014 is heading to Brazil; it will be the 20th FIFA World Cup.

Farewell South Africa!

Welcome to Brazil!

Growing Up

The first year when we sent our eldest daughter to her campus, our hearts were heavy and our minds burdened.

We waited for her doing the registration process. Then we followed her to her hostel. We inspected her room, making sure it was clean and in good condition. Then we accompanied her around the university compound making her familiar with her surroundings. Then we visited the cooperative store getting all the things she needed. We gave her enough cash money before we started our return journey. We felt better after that, but the hearts were still heavy and the minds burdened.

She had got use to her campus life within a few weeks, and she moved around with ease. She studied hard and had achieved reasonable good results, and we are proud of her. She did make a few trips home on her own, and we are feeling more confident to let her travel on her own.

Now comes her second year. It is understood that no hostel facility for senior students. There is a very high probability that she will have to rent a room outside the university campus. Many of her course mates are still seeking for a room. It is not easy for her, now that she has to do things all on her own. Our hearts are heavy and our minds burdened again.

Initially we have received news that her friend had booked a room for the two of them. She was really happy about it. But her dream was shattered two days later. The house owner wanted them to rent the whole house.

Her friend is still looking around for a room for the two of them; hopefully it is close to the university. There is nothing my daughter can do, since she will only be flying out this Saturday.

And that’s the price of growing up. It isn’t easy, but it has to be done. And our hearts cry and pray with her.