Problem Sleeping

Sleep has eluded me again, and it has happened to me for quite many times lately.

Sitting down in front of my computer doing Mylotting has become my routine every time I have sleeping problem; it has kept me occupied. And I just can't remember the number of discussion topics that I have responded and commented. But deep inside my heart, I feel happy about it. Sharing and learning ideas and suggestions have never been a boring task to me.

Everything is once again back to normal, now that all the children are with us. The schools, colleges and universities are having their holidays during this time of the year. It is once again time to get together and live in a family. And it is always love and fun talking, joking and listening to one another.

The rain is pouring heavily outside. It is again a rainy night. But there is nothing unusual about it, since it has been rather dark and gloomy these days.

The rain has finally stopped. The insects are buzzing and humming again.

Sleep still eludes me.

I look around, picking and arranging things in order.

And I wonder just how long it would be.

Do you have problem sleeping lately?

Wrapping A Gift

Many of us give gift to family or friend on special occasion. We pay careful attention as to what thing to buy; we want to surprise the person with a special gift. It is a memorable occasion, and we really want to make the person happy and to treasure our love for him or her.

Now that the occasion has arrived. We are already at the front gate or door of his or her house. Then we realize that we have not wrapped the gift or put it into a proper gift bag.

What would you do? Would you hesitate to go in? Would you rather rush to a gift shop to have your gift wrapped or at least put in a unique bag?

Some of us may treat it as an oversight and would just go in; we are confident that the person concerned would not mind. It may be alright if we know that he or she is not very particular about the wrapping of the gift, and who insists that what counts is the thought of giving.

But what if you are wrong?

There are some among us who are very particular as to the wrapping of the gift or the putting it into a unique bag or basket. Giving an unwrapped gift could certainly ruin the surprise and affect the relationship itself.

Personally, I would take a moment to see that the gift is wrapped properly before I give it away. It is a special occasion, and we are giving a special gift to a special person. We don't want to hurt the person or ruin the occasion. We just want to have a happy time together.

It is better not to take everything for granted. We never know what others may think about us. We may not mind but we don't always expect others would overlook our mistake. It would do us good to take some positive steps to rectify our mistake.

Wrapping a gift may not seem very important, but it is a nice touch. And It can be done very quick and easy. We can always ask for professional help if we need some creative ideas.

Maybe it is time for us to be more considerate in everything we do. We don't want to ruin our relationship just for an unwrapped gift!

Afternoon Workout

A group of us were relaxing under some trees after our afternoon workout in a stadium. We were friends; having known one another for years. Sitting in a big circle, we talked about many things under the sun. Then someone began to ask why we were exercising.

Many of us were doing it for healthy reasons. Some of us had high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, or other diseases. Some of us were extremely obese and very inactive, and there were a few of us who were heavy smokers.

Then someone mentioned that he was there because of love. His partner couldn't accept him now because he looked really 'fat and ugly.' A few others chipped in with more stories and jokes, and we had a good laugh.

Then there were those who claimed that they were there mainly because of work related reasons. Work is challenging and competitive these days, and they just had to stay fit and strong, ready and capable of doing every given task well.

Then they were those who wanted to regain their self esteem and self confidence. People around had been looking down on them and they felt very angry and frustrated. It was time to prove to the world that they were capable people able to accomplish great things too.

Then there were those who hunger and thirst after fit and attractive clothings. They wanted to look nice and make a good impression. They desired attention, honor and fame.

It seemed like we all had our different motives to do our afternoon workout.

I looked around. I saw some distant friends with gout and joint problems. They were doing it for health reasons.

Then I saw a few young couples enjoying their slow jog and soft words. They were for love reasons.

I didn't notice anyone quarreled or fought in the stadium, probably it was not a good reason to go there.

How about you?

What make you do your afternoon workout?

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year fell on 8th of May. It was indeed a great day to remember the dedications and sacrifices of our dear mothers. I don't know who was the founder of Mother's Day; but whoever he or she was, he or she had indeed done a great job, and for a worthy cause, and I felt thankful and indebted to him or her.

My mother passed away 3 years ago; but the remembrance of her in our conversations often brought tears of joy and sadness to us. As we thought and shared the many sweet and bitter moments of our lives, we couldn't help but recalling and mentioning her great love and sacrifices for her dear children.

A mother's love is like God's love.

She loves her children more than her life.

Oh! Who can really understand a mothers heart!

A mother's heart is torn...

When she sees her children suffer, and she is unable to do anything.

When she sees her children cry in pain and she is unable to comfort them.

A mother is a gift from God, sent from above.

A mother's love is too great to comprehend; having a mother is a blessing too beautiful for words.

When did you last see your mother?

Have you asked yourself... When did you last said... Happy Mother's Day...

To all the dear mothers of the world:

Happy Mother's Day.

Action Movies

It was an action movie. The scene showed how the hero had a fierce gunfight with his enemies. He ran, dodged, hid, and fought back in style. It was thrilling and exciting to see how he fought them. Everyone was glued to the screen, holding their breath, and hardly speaking...

But then, there were just too many of his enemies, shooting and fighting from every corner and every turn.

He finally died a glorious and heroic death, with bullets riddled all over his body....

Then there was a solemn funeral procession...

Everyone was putting on black hat, black coat, black gown, black boots...

The road was lined with a row of black limousines, and a rather large crowd of sad looking people...

And in the very front of the procession was his portrait...

And he looked so handsome and fit in his infectious smile...


I love action movies; I still do. I love it when I see justice is served! But I know no amount of fighting or killing can help to solve problems; they can never restore peace and order for long. There are just too many injustices and cruelties in the world...

As to dying a heroic death, it has become a dream for many young people. But just where do you think we will go?

I believe we should be thinking more about how to live a meaningful and satisfying lifestyle, and how to make life better and fuller for everyone around us.

I believe love covers all wrongs and has the power to conquer all. Maybe we should think more about spreading love than sowing hatred.


I still watch action movies.

I love all the fighting and shooting scenes.

But I don't think I want them in my life...

I believe and know that we can always live in peace and harmony.