What Would You Do?

You went to your good friend's house. You saw him hitting his son's head with his knuckles because his son couldn't finish his rice. You heard the boy cried, but the father continued to shout, hit and screamed. You immediately interrupted and pulled his son away from him, and you almost received a punch from him.

It was a scary experience. But you had your friend sat down. You friend calmed down slowly, but you could see he was still very angry at his boy. The son had stopping crying fast, afraid of his father, and sitting far away at a dark corner and staring at the floor.

Then your friend related to you his son's story. He was telling you how naughty and troublesome his son was, both at school and at home. He was telling you what the neighbors were talking and complaining about his son; and how his son couldn't even finish his rice when he was working so hard to feed the family. Then you heard him mourned and cried.

His wife came out from the kitchen and greeted you. Then she ordered the boy to take bath and does his homework.

An hour later, while you were sipping a mug of hot coffee with your friend, you heard the boy cried again. This time he was caned on his two legs for not doing his homework.

You looked at your friend. You shook your head. You were unhappy with what you saw. Would you open your mouth and talk about it?

Your friend looked at you, smiling sheepishly, but continued to talk something bad about his son.

Then the boy screamed and cried louder. Your friend immediately stood up. Very fast, you stopped him; you could feel he was getting angry again.

Would you talk to him about his son?

How would you do it?

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Stadium Stairs

It was 4.30 in the afternoon. I had walked slowly but consistently around the stadium's oval track for 7 rounds now and I was sweating profusely.

It was a very hot and humid afternoon and I was feeling a little bit dizzy. I could feel the burning and stinging sensations of sunlight touching my skin; and I could also feel the hot track beneath me. But it was definitely not the best time for me to quit now, I told myself.

I looked up at the distant thick and shady trees and the far blue mountain; they were calm, relaxed and beautiful. But I was thirsty, tired and impatient; there was no wind around me and the air was at a dead standstill.

I looked up at the stadium stairs, I could see the canopy over the stadium seats. This would be a good time to change my walking routine, I told myself.

I looked back at my wife, who was a distance behind. I pointed at the stadium stairs, signaling to her that I was going over there. My wife nodded, knowing my stubbornness, that I would never take no for an answer.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and began to walk up the stairs; it was a 30 step stairs. I reached the top of the stadium; it was very shady and cool. I sneaked a break, watching people continued suffering under the very hot sun (and laughing at my wife, LOL) and admiring the distant mountains and trees.

I had enough of my short break, and continued my journey down. I did my second round, and then my third round, etc. I was confident that I could do better after my fifth round. So I started to run up and down the same stairs. Before long, I was panting like a dog. It wasn't easy, I told myself; I was running short of breaths and I believed my face was red and then pale (or was it the other way round?).

Finally my wife came and joined me. We took a rest of 10 minutes, wiping our face, hands and feet. The day was still very hot, and it wasn't getting any cooler. I wiped my sweat again and continued my routine of walking up and down the stairs.

It was a quarter past five; more people were entering the stadium. My wife was then jumping the stairs. It seemed like a good workout for me, I told myself. I decided to join her, only to discover that I had a difficult time jumping with my fat tummy and my weak knees.

The sun was going down. The stadium was shady now and I could feel the cool breeze blowing over my body.

I looked at my wife and we decided to make a move.

It was 5.30 p.m.; it's time to cook for our evening meal.

Solar Energy System

Solar energy system provides several benefits for homeowners and business owners.

The Advantages of solar energy include :-

It helps to save money. It reduces our energy bills.

It helps to get free money. The government often offers significant tax rebates and incentives for using solar energy.

It helps to increase the home value. Solar power is the only 100% clean, completely silent, non-moving energy generation technology.

It helps to increase power system reliability. Solar energy system is a highly durable and reliable technology. It avoids interrupted utility service with a battery back-up system.

Be a role model for your community today and be a part of an innovative, growing technology.

Use solar energy system.

Buy Snuggie

The winter season is here.

It is time to buy snuggie to keep warm and comfortable.

A snuggie is a long blanket with sleeves.

Since it is made of fine fleece, it will keep you warm every time when you wear it.

The loose sleeves of these snuggies will allow you to work easily without any hassles.

There are different types of snuggies available in the market. You will always fine different colors and sizes in snuggies to fit your taste, style, and budget.

Buy snuggies today to keep yourself warm.

Good Friends Of The Opposite Gender

Everyone has friends. Some very good friends. Some have their best friends of different gender.
I have many friends and many good friends. Surprisingly many of of my best friends are the ladies.
Living is this world without a friend is miserable. So it is unwise to put up a face and keep on blaming others for not befriending you. We really need friends that we can share and we must move out and seek and find them.
You don't need a good look to have friends. What you need is just a caring look and a listening heart. Friends will swarm to you when you care for them and go for them. It is like when you take pictures of the dolphins, they will draw near to you when they hear the click sounds.
I personally don't like to draw crowds to me. I prefer to visit my friends one by one. An eatery outlet will be nice, though I would prefer a quiet corner with less people moving about.
There are always topics to talk about when we are with friends. We don't have to make up topics; we share what is in our mind. You will be surprised how much you can share when you are with the right friends.
With friends we share secrets. But we need to be very careful when we share secrets. I personally don't like to talk about others when I am with my friends. Spreading gossips, backstabbing, and propagating bad thoughts are always not wise to do.
Be very careful when you share. A very good friend can turn into the worst enemy too!
Sometimes friends turn into enemies because of circumstances and situations beyond their controls. When the prizes are few and it is a challenging race, we will tend to give our best to compete and win.
Good friends need not be permanent enemies if they care to understand one another. They can always mend their love and relationship; good friends are for life!
My best friends are mostly of the opposite gender. They are great listeners, sympathizers, analyzers, advisers etc. They can sit for hours beside me and listening to my grumbling and complaining; they are full of passion, fervor, and emotion for me; and they look so calm, kind and peaceful.
And some of my best friends are married and they are good mother and good wife too!
I believe God in His special way sometimes provide us with very good friends beside us to help us and care for us.
Do you have many best friends?
Are they of the same or the opposite gender?