Some Thoughts of The Sudden Rain

It was a sudden rain.

It surprised everyone.

As usual, before the rain, some were seen walking slowly, talking with friends and colleagues, taking their sweet time enjoying jokes, humors, or some nice stories.

Some were walking alone, thinking and dreaming, sometimes smiling or laughing to themselves.

A few groups of students were chasing one another in the open field. They looked so energetic, so full of life, so innocent, so carefree....

It wasn't break-time yet; it was in-between lesson time.

Some had rushed to the school canteen or to the washroom.

Then the sudden rain, soaking everyone all over.

I reached out for my books and rushed to class. Nothing was to stop me from delivering my lessons, not the students, not my wet body, not the rain, not the strong wind, or the lightning and thunder.

It was time to drill the students with many questions and answering techniques. The public exam was less than two months away.

None must fail, not one.

All must score well, if possible.

Words of encouragement and praise were given to inspire the students and spur them on.

I could see confidence in their eyes and hope in their faces, though some were still struggling to make a head start.

They must strive to achieve reasonably good result, both for their own future and the future of their family.

Struggles and challenges are unavoidable as long as we have our being. And we must never give up and run away from them.

....No, no. They must not fail... their family and their community need them...

The sudden rain receded at last.

The weather turned cold and windy.

But the lesson continued.... It must not stop and will not stop...

So are we on our journey of life...

There may be many obstacles and hindrances...

But we must go under them, go through them, and go over them....


Everyone loves good food.

Some enjoy eating by the roadside. You can eat and drink fast and continue your journey, or you can take your sweet time enjoying your food hunt. It has its own thrills. But it also exposes you to the risk of unhygienic food. Besides, the narrowed road with the continuous flow of traffic can be risky.

Some enjoy eating in a food stall, situated everywhere. Sometimes you can see them near the riverside, the pond, the garden, the grave or the temple. There are varieties of delicious food and drinks. You can watch and hear people talking aloud on current issues, ideas, and controversies, or some wonderful jokes, humors, legends and folk tales. You can see people arguing, laughing, walking about, and busy doing their daily activities. Everything seems to be so alive here.

Some enjoy eating in a quiet, peaceful, comfortable and distraction-free environment. It allows them to relax and focus on the process of eating. They take their sweet time eating, reading, thinking, discussing and relaxing. It can be a very wonderful experience especially after a hard day work with tight schedule, or a stressful time with difficult problems and worries.

I enjoy all three... as long as there are good food around.

And I wouldn't mind to pay more...after a hard day work. LOL

A Moment Of Silence

I enjoy my moments of silence.

A moment of silence gives me time to reflect and think of the tasks that are ahead of me.

A moment of silence helps me to deal with myself and every day routines.

A moment of silence helps me to alleviate my stress and worries.


I enjoy my moments of silence when in meetings and gatherings.

A moment of silence allows me to listen and hear beyond the words that are said and helps me to make better judgments and decisions.

A moment of silence makes my response seems more thoughtful and comprehensive.

A moment of silence helps to open up the door for new voices to be heard.


I enjoy my moments of silence when there is a quarrel or a fight.

A moment of silence helps to calm down a situation that has gotten out of control and can give me the time to consider the best way to proceed.

A moment of silence helps to defuse strife and prevent further arguments.


I enjoy my moments of silence when I am alone.

A moment of silence helps me to explore my inner self.

A moment of silence helps me see how blessed I am.

A moment of silence leads me to prayer and supplication.

A moment of silence guides me to understand how unforgiving and unforgetting I am, and helps me to make amend.

......A moment of silence can really make all the difference.

And... I really need my moments of silence.

Undecided or indecisive?

It is helpful to consider whether we are undecided or indecisive.

Undecided is situational, and indecisive is personal.

Being undecided is a normal step along the way. It means we need more information before we make any decision. The assumption is that if we have necessary pieces of information, we will be able to make a decision.

We need more information about our options, more information about our personality, and more information about what criteria to base our decision on.

Being undecided is okay. It means we are generally able to make good decisions in other areas. Given enough time or resources, we will be able to do all things well.

Being indecisive is different. It indicates that we have trouble making decisions in many areas. It indicates that we need to struggle to make a decision in spite of having a lot of information.

The cause to be indecisive is because we see too many options and we see how each one can effect every little thing and we have a hard time letting go of things.

The cause to be indecisive is also because we don't know ourselves very well. We carry the internal conflict on what we want versus what others want from us. We don't know exactly what we want to choose.

The cause to be indecisive is also because we don't know how to make a right decision.

Below are some reasons why we are so indecisive:
  • We are fearful of making mistakes.
  • We have struggled and failed to make the right decisions in many areas of our life.
  • We have developed a habit to postpone decision making, hoping that others can and will decide for us.
  • We change our mind frequently.
  • We get very anxious about making decision.
  • We feel unready to face the consequences of our decisions.
  • We are worried about what others may think of our decisions.
  • We feel very uncertain despite having all the information we need to make a decision.
  • We are worried that our decision will be a wrong one.
Some of us cannot even make the smallest decisions. They cannot decide on what to eat, where to go or what to do. They always have to look to others for help.

They leave it to others to make decisions. They don’t dare and don't want to take responsibility for anything that happens. They would rather blame it on others or on fate.

Maybe the best way to stop being indecisive is simply to force ourselves to make a choice.

If it so happens that we made a stupid decision, so be it, after all a lesson is learned.

The point for us is that we must learn to be decisive.

Or let us put it in writing before we decide what to do. Make a short list of the pros and cons and then go ahead with our decision.

Let us start small, like planning a meal or what clothes to wear. Then work our way up to more important things.

To start, limit ourselves to a maximum of five minutes of internal debate and then say "I want that one." Go for it and do it.

Breakdown our options and trust our past decisions, which have helped us along the way.

Let us be confident to carry out and stick to our decision.

Are we undecided or indecisive?

If it is a trivial one, like what food are we hungry for, we don't have to take that long to decide.

If it is a life altering decision, we have to be very indecisive, because we want to make sure that we are ready for this change. We have to take time to decide so as not to regret it at a later date. We have to very carefully evaluating our options. We must not let anyone rush us into anything or influence us too greatly. For at the end of the day, it is our decision and we are the one who is going to enjoy or suffer the consequences.

Anyway, it is good to be undecided once in a while because it help to make better decisions.

But indecisiveness will definitely get us nowhere.

Sometimes I Feel Like Giving Up

Sometimes I feel like giving up when the journey of life is getting too tough for me to continue on.

Sometimes I feel like giving up when people around are going all out to get me, pinpointing my mistakes and weaknesses.

Sometimes when everything is getting worse and worse and I am upset, I feel like screaming.

Sometimes when anxiety reaches its peak, I feel like giving up on all my struggles. And I will say to myself, "What is the use?"

Sometimes I no longer have passion for life anymore. It seems I cannot care about people anymore and I don't seem to feel interested in anything in life anymore.

Yeah, sometimes we do feel like giving up on our career, our family, our relationships, our dreams, our faith....


Someone has said, "When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."

Sometimes when I feel exhausted, harassed, stressed and discouraged, I will sit in a corner trying to calm myself down.

I will look at the people at work and the people who pass by. Then I will try to find purpose in my life and then continue my journey.

I learn not to give up because I still have my families and friends.

Though sometimes I need more. But I can always confide to someone I love and care, and I will find my peace and my joy in God.

Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.

Maybe we should think about our past, once in a while, and find out how things have worked out fine for us all these years.

Maybe the followings can help when we feel like giving up:
  • Change our approach
  • Step away from the situation
  • Be still
  • Keep our enthusiasm
  • Use our imagination
  • Write out our dreams dan goals.
  • Have faith.