Sometimes I Feel Helpless

There are times when I want to help someone, but I am unable to do so.

Our son who studies in a college in West Malaysia has just informed us that there are suspected H1N1 cases in his college. The school authority has given them one week holiday. Our son doesn't know what to do and where to go. Our son needs help.

Though we are far in Sarawak, our hearts are with our son.

We ask him to follow his course mate to a certain place in Kuala Lumpur where our pastor will meet with him.

We were anxious and worried about our son. We are not sure whether he can make the trip. But there is nothing much we can do to help him.

But we quietly submit our son to the LORD God who always knows how to take good care of His people.


A year back, we had to travel daily for few weeks to the hospital to visit our late mother. She was having terminal lung cancer and wouldn't be able to live for long.

We stayed with her, talked with her and took good care of her. But we saw her weaker and weaker each passing day.......

We were anxious and worried for her but we couldn't do anything to stop her from dying.

But we quietly submit our mother to the LORD God who always knows how to take good care of His people.

Our mother passed away peacefully in the hospital, after she finally knew the LORD God as her personal LORD and Savior.


Feeling helpless is common among us.

But it is horrible when you discover that you cannot help someone you love.

But we are not to be too anxious and worrisome.

There are always alternatives.

We may ask helps from our family members, relatives, and friends or we can ask help from the LORD God.

Yeah, the sensation of feeling helpless can be overwhelming and overpowering.

But for those who knows the LORD God personally, they needs not be too helpless.

Children Handwriting

Teaching children to write their names correctly is not easy.

It is not easy to teach children to hold a pencil.

Some press the pencil too hard until the pencil nib breaks.

Some hold the pencil too tight with all their fingers, making it difficult for them to write.

Some have difficulties holding the pencil steadily with 2 or 3 fingers.

Some lack the patience to write within the confine of lines and boxes.

Some lack confidence in writing, erasing what they write until the whole sheet of paper is in a mess with many holes.

Parents get unduly worried and agitated as they see the other children progressing faster.

But the moment the children can produce a decent and readable handwriting, they are relieved and easily satisfied.

Many parents tend to let their children write on their own when they see their children can produce reasonably good handwriting.

They don't realize that their handwriting maybe too small, giving an impression that the writer maybe lacking the necessary confidence to write with bigger letters.

They don't realize that their handwriting maybe too big, giving an impression that the writer maybe lacking the necessary practices in writing beautifully.

They don't realize that their handwriting maybe too skewed toward the left or right, giving an impression that the writer maybe lazy and moody.

They don't realize that their handwriting maybe too tall and thin, or too fat and small....

Handwriting is a skill that needs constant practices to perfect.

It is like music, flowing naturally from the thought.

It is like an art piece, always ready to satisfy the readers' needs.

It is like the cooling stream, urging the readers to continue reading without in any way distracted to do otherwise.

Oh! How I wish I can write beautifully, spreading and filling the world with the wisdom and knowledge of God, without bringing any attention to myself.

Driving Behind A Very Slow Driver

Driving behind a very slow driver can drive me crazy.

Sometimes when I was enjoying a smooth drive, I got easily provoked by someone driving very slowly in front of me.

As I drove close and overtook the driver, what I saw made me really mad.

The driver was talking or listening to a phone call.

The driver was having a romantic moment with someone.

The driver was bringing a family with kids jumping up and down in the car.

The driver was eating and drinking, most probably after a very long drive.

The driver was half asleep while listening to music.

The driver was puffing cigarette and reminiscing.......


There were instances when someone threw away tissue papers, empty drink packets, cans and bottles, empty food parcels and boxes, and cigarette butts.

There were times when someone threw away fruit skins of all kinds, including bananas, rambutan, langsat, and the king of fruits – durian!

There were moments when the driver just spitted and sometimes landed on my car.

There were incidents when the driver stared angrily at me when I overtook the car.......


Initially I felt like doing something.

But after thinking through, I had decided not to retaliate against them.

There must be some reasons why the LORD God has allowed them to stand in my way.

I found out that I was driving beyond the speed limits.

I found out that I was driving too fast, eagerly wanting to get behind a car and sped through with a winning broad smile.

I found out that I was very impatient in dealing with unpleasant situations.

I found out that I had always wanted to have my own way.

I found out that I was actually a nuisance to everyone, endangering the safety of my passengers and the lives of many out there.......


There were instances where I saw people lying dead on the road on a hot sunny day.

There were times when I saw family members hugged the dead bodies during heavy thunderstorm, with screams of anguish and cries of heartbreak.

These were terribly sad memories that still haunted me today in my daydreams and nightmares......


So the next time I meet a slow driver, I learn to be cool.

So the next time I see some drivers who love to litter and spit, I learn to slow down and drive at a distance of a few cars away.

So the next time when I decide to get angry, I learn to remember that there must be reasons why the LORD God allows them to stand in my way.

Maybe I should learn to count my blessings when I am driving behind a very slow driver.......

Walking Tall Or Walking Small

Standing amid a crowd of people, I turn around. Feeling of fear and horror seeps deep inside me. Is this a crowd of walking tall or walking small?

Many seem to be mindful of what is before them. Few people speak. Few people look around. Few people smile. Few people look up and greet one another. Everyone seems to mind their own business and oblivious of all others.

Some speak on the handphone. Some have their meals and drinks. Some read newspapers and magazines. Some discuss on their lottery numbers. Some loners are puffing cigarettes. Some just sit on the staircase musing and looking around.

Standing beside me is a group of young people enjoying the music video of the late Michael Jackson. Many seem to have missed him after his demise. And the music video is so entertaining that many are moved to tears.

I lean against a pillar waiting for the numbness of my legs to subside. I have a long walk, accompanying my wife in choosing some clothing for our son.

[Sigh] The present economic crisis has robbed many of their laughter and smile. The price hike has caused many to look into their pockets and wallets. Many deliberations and discussions before going shopping and outing. Many arguments and tears before making ends meet.

Many do not look that confident anymore. Many become more reserved in their speech. Many dare not boast at all.

No more big gatherings and parties. No more big scale celebrations or festivals. No more late night entertainments and weekend sprees.

Yah, everything goes small again. Many become dispirited and bitter. Is this a crowd of walking small?

When will we step out of our despair and hopelessness? Where are the walking tall?

How long will we bow down to our present crisis?

Are we the walking small or the walking tall?

Let us not all float down the River of Despair, drifting towards death.

Let us start anew by having some confidence in ourselves to mend our lives.

Be Positive

It is never an easy task to think positively when we are in a world of uncertainties. The bleak economic outlook, the rising social problems, the political turmoil, the natural disasters and H1N1, all have filled us with fear and negative perceptions about our Mother Earth. We no longer look forward to each new day with confidence and expectation. We pray and hope that none of the disasters fall upon us. Negative thoughts like these are definitely not healthy and will surely make us more pessimistic.

It is also not easy to have positive feelings. People are running in all directions, trying to fulfill their needs and wants. Not many seem to care about human relationships and fellowships. Most people keep a distance and largely oblivious of one another. Life is more money-centered, work-centered, self-centered... so much so that many of us lose our jokes, laughter, smiles, and sense of humor. Life is getting more stressful and difficult. Negative feelings like these will definitely bog us down and crumple us.

It is also difficult to have good attitudes towards others, with the growing distrust and suspicion among people. Some people resort to lies and deceptions to get what they want. And this happens even among close relatives and friends. Some resort to gangsterism and extortion. The world is getting upside down again. Sadly morality, ethics and just plain fairness have all taken a back seat. Negative attitudes like these will definitely tear us apart and cause more dissensions, conflicts and rivalries.

I don't know what you think, but as for me, positive thinking, feelings and attitudes all play a major part in my life to spur me on and to keep my family together with the ever growing uncertainties.

I can't teach you what to do. But I firmly believe that a positive outlook towards life is far better for us... But I must admit that sometimes it can really be frustrating when many others think, feel and behave otherwise...Sigh...