Face Stroke

Juanjo is a cheerful person. People love him because he makes them feel good about themselves, and he shows real interest in them. He deals with people kindly and brings the best out of them. The words "having a positive attitude" could define Juanjo.

A few years ago, a relative of Juanjo was very ill in hospital. Juanjo and his family were quite worried, but Juanjo tried not to show his worry through that difficult time.

One day, Juanjo and his family were awaiting the latest news about his relative at the hospital. Juanjo tried to make his family relax by talking lightheartedly about other things.

At some point, Juanjo narrated a funny story that made all his family and Juanjo himself laugh. Suddenly, they all stopped laughing and looked at Juanjo with horror. One side of Juanjo's face was laughing. The other side was not moving at all.

They panicked, and Juanjo felt fear for the sudden lack of movement in half of his face. The doctors told him that the stress he had been under had caused half of his face's muscles to paralyze. They said that it could be treated, however they couldn't tell whether he would recover completely.

Juanjo took a few days to think about the situation. He realized there was a possibility that his face didn't move normally ever again. He thought that, if that was ever to be the case, it was completely pointless to worry.

Juanjo did feel bad. It took him a long time to look at himself in the mirror again. When he did, he actually didn't care that much about himself. He was more concerned about his mother, who felt so much sadness for him.

Since Juanjo had decided not to worry about his face not moving as it should, he thought he might as well try to make those who did worry for him feel better. He started to make jokes about his face. He would smile and blink his eye and say, "I can now show a happy face and a serious face at the same time".

He showed lightheartedness towards what was happening to him and decided to keep on having a positive attitude. That took him courage, but he did it.

Then, some sort of miracle happened...

One day Juanjo got up. It was about a month after the "face stroke" had happened. He finished a few routine tasks at home and went out to meet some friends. When he arrived, his friends looked at him in amazement. Juanjo was smiling... with both sides of his face!

The doctors could barely believe how he had recovered fully in so little time. They thought that his positive attitude had a lot to do with it.

Positive Attitude Can Go A Long Long Way.