Introducing Paul

Titus 1:1a (NIV)

This was a letter from the apostle Paul to a pastor named Titus.


1:1 Paul, a bondservant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ

Paul called himself "a bondservant of God."

In the Hebrew culture, a slave had the option to go free after 6 years of service.

But if he chose to stay for life, he became a bondservant.


Paul said that he was a bondservant of God.

Paul had given up his life and placed his freedom under God's control.


Paul also identified himself as "an apostle of Jesus Christ".

An apostle is one who is sent out, a delegate, or a messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Paul became an apostle when the Lord Jesus Christ sent him out as His messenger.

Paul would become a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ to all men of what he had seen and heard.


But even with Paul's Jewish education and connections, he was not being sent to the Jews.

The Lord Jesus Christ sent the apostle Paul to preach to the Gentiles.


Our plans are rarely God's plans.

Here was Paul, whose whole life changed direction.

He became something he never dreamed he would be.

He became an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Useful Articles Of Honor

2 Timothy 2:20-26 (NIV)

2:20-21 Articles Of Honor

Paul uses an illustration of the articles in a house.

Inside a house, we have many articles for different purposes.

Some to honor, and some to dishonor.

What makes them honorable or dishonorable?

It is what we choose to do with them and what we put in them.


As Christians, we are articles too.

What we put into ourselves determines what kind of articles we make ourselves.

It is what we let our minds dwell on.

It is what we do with our bodies.


The Lord wants us to be cleansed, so that we can be useful articles for honor.

He wants us to be sanctified.


To be sanctified means to be separated, set aside, for God's use.

We are to be set apart for God's use.

God wants us to live like we are sanctified.


2:22 We Are To Flee From Youthful Lusts

To insure that we are articles for honor, being sanctified, we must flee from the evil desires of youth.

Our flesh lusts after many things.

It sexually craves satisfaction.

It hungrily craves food.

It pridefully craves attention.


If we let our flesh have what it thinks will make it happy, we are going to end up sad.

If we put on Christ, we will be laying aside youthful lusts.

The two are interconnected.

If we pursue righteous things, we will be running from the unrighteous things.

If we are busy about the Lord's business, we are not leaving idle hands for the devil to use.


We are to pursue righteousness with others who have the same desire.

We are to find people who call on the Lord from a pure heart and spend time with them.

We are to have fellowship with other Christians who want to grow just like we do.


2:23 We Are To Refuse Speculations

Everything we need to know pertaining to the Christian life and to be godly is found in God's Word.

There is no need to speculate; it only leads to arguing and division.


2:24-26 We Are To Teach The Word Of God And Be Kind

As the Lord's servants, we are not supposed to be quarrelsome.

We are to teach the Word of God, and be patient with people when they wrong us.

We are to gently correct those who are in opposition.

Some Pastoral Responsibilities

1 Timothy 5:1-25 (NIV)

In this chapter, Paul talked to Timothy about
  • the necessity and method of rebuking,
  • overseeing the church's benevolence towards widows, and
  • relationship to the elders in the church.


When a pastor rebukes people, he must show them proper respect.

If an older man needs to be rebuked, appeal to him like a father.

If a younger man needs to be rebuked, talk to him like a brother.

If an older woman, rebuke her with the same respect he would show his mother.

If a younger woman, talk to her like a sister.


Paul set the standards and qualifications that a woman must meet to be put on the church's list.
  • she must be a widow who is really in need; she must not have family to support her.
  • she must have devoted her life to serving the Lord.
  • she has to be at least 60 years old.
  • she must be a woman of only one man.
  • she must have a reputation for good works.

Paul also listed those who were not qualified to be on the list.


Paul then instructed Timothy about how he, as the pastor, should act towards the ministry of elders in the church.


Elders were spiritual, godly men that had been appointed in the church to serve as the spiritual leaders in the congregation.


Paul pointed out the value of the elders, especially those in the preaching and teaching ministries.

He said they were to be considered worthy of double honor.


Paul reminded Timothy to be careful and not to jump to judgment at the accusation of one person against an elder.

But if it was established that the elder was in unrepentant, continuing sin, he was to be rebuked in front of the church.


It is a huge responsibility for a pastor to appoint an elder.

Paul reminded Timothy not to be too hasty in the laying on of hands.


Timothy had to be careful.

Some sins were obvious, others were beneath the surface, remaining concealed.

The same applied to good works.


Pastors and elders are forbidden to partake of any alcohol.

Here, an exception is made for Timothy, because of his medical condition.

Women's Role In The Church

1 Timothy 2:9-15 (NIV)

God wants everyone to be saved.

Hypocrisy is a hindrance.

Our message and methods should be in unity.


Paul gave some directions as to women's roles in the church.


First, they need to dress properly.


Paul wanted the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety.


Our clothes must be in harmony with our testimony and our profession of the gospel.

We must also dressed with a sense of honor.


What about makeup, hairstyle, and jewelry?


If we want to adorn ourselves with beauty, let us do it not with sexy clothes, excessive makeup, fanciful hairstyle, or expensive jewelry.

Let us do it with good works and godliness.


As we age, our soft skin will wrinkle.

Our nice shape will fall.

Our outward beauty will diminish.


But if we adorn ourselves with good works and godliness, our beauty will increase as we age.

The more godly of a woman we are, the more attractive we will become.


Secondly, Paul said women should learn in quietness and full submission.


They are to receive instructions in the church.

And if they have questions, they should ask their husbands later, at home.


Paul would not permit women to teach or to assume authority over a man in the church.

Women are forbidden to be the spiritual heads over the men in the church.


Women are free to serve in many areas of the ministry.

But they are not allowed to be pastors and elders.


It was Eve who was deceived by Satan.

Adam was not deceived.

But Adam sacrificed himself.

He knew that he was going to die as a result.

But he loved Eve and was willing to die with her, rather than live without her.


Women can have many other roles in the church.

They can be teachers of children and younger ladies.

It is just that women are banned to teach men or assume authority over men in the church.


Women can teach men in a college class.

They can be an authority in the place of business, etc.


Paul also said that women should continue in faith, love, purity, and self-control.

If they do these, they will be preserved through childbearing.

Make Disciples Of All Nations

Matthew 28:16-20

How do we make disciples of all nations?


First of all, we must be available.

The eleven disciples went into Galilee and to a mountain that the Lord Jesus Christ had appointed them (Matthew 28:16).

They were available.

They were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.


The second thing is worship.

When the eleven disciples saw the Lord Jesus Christ, they worshiped Him (Matthew 28:17).

They have a worshiping heart.

Their hearts are wholly set on the Lord Jesus Christ.


Thirdly, it is submission.

When the Lord Jesus Christ came near, He made a claim to a total complete sovereign authority.

He has all authority.

The Lord Jesus Christ is in charge.

He is sovereign.

And to Him we must submit.


Fourthly, we are to be obedient.

We are to go and make disciples of all the nations, baptize them and teach them to observe all the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19).


And fifthly, we are to do all things with the power of God.

We need the Lord God to be with us.

It is the power and the purpose of God that is behind everything.

The Lord Jesus Christ is with us.

He is in us.

And He is empowering us.

He will be with us all the days until the consummation of the age.

The task of reaching the world is a task that is made possible by the power of Christ who is present in us.