Trying To Stay Young

Some folks look so young when they are old. Others look really old when they are still young. What are the secrets of staying young?

Count Your Blessings

Some folks look really old because they are ungrateful with the abundance that they have; they never stop craving for the little that God has not yet given. Instead of filling their lives with thanksgivings and contentment, and sharing what they have with others in need, they are preoccupied with the selfish desires of wanting more and dominating over others. They chase after the wind and in due time become discontented and disillusioned, while others are enjoying the fruits of their labour with their loved ones and contributing more towards charities. Those who are graceful and merciful always stay young even as they grow old.

Keep Going

Stop idling and doing less than before. The older we are, the greater the needs to stay fit and strong. Avoid petty talks and spreading rumours that spoil all friendships and fellowships. Mind our own weaknesses and keep improving ourselves. Those who live wholesome lives stay young in their old age.

Be Trustworthy

Stay faithful and truthful. This can help us to mend, improve and consolidate our relationships with God and fellow men. The older we are, the wiser we must be. Live in peace and harmony with our God and our surroundings is the key to stay calm even as we grow old.

Be Joyful Always

Enjoy sweet fellowships with your families, relatives and friends. Frequent companionship and fellowship can greatly enhance healthy living. Let us take care of each other unselfishly. May God continue to keep us young andhealthy in our 'seventies or eighties'.