Buying Things Without Shopping List

Most of us love to buy things using a shopping list.

We write down everything we need before we do our shopping.

We look at our list as we walk around in a systematic manner, searching and getting all we need in a short time.

With a shopping list, we usually have enough time even to shop for other things.

Using a shopping list while shopping is definitely a good idea.

It is so much easier, efficient and effective, and we usually don't waste much time and effort.

Besides, we can always plan beforehand where and when to buy certain items. This help us save on our budget and make us learn to spend money wisely.

But sometimes, life is not that simple.

There are times when there is an attractive sale right in front of us.

And all of a sudden we remember we have something to buy.

Will you go around shopping without your shopping list?

How would you go around to do this?

Surprisingly, there are many among us who have their own ways buying things without a shopping list.

Some would stand at a corner trying to relate what to buy based on who needs them.

It may take some times but they will be able to shop after that.

Some walk around and look from station to station, trying to recall what they want to buy. This usually takes more time and the tendency to forget something is high.

Some divide themselves into different groups and start shopping. This normally ends up buying more than what they need.

Do you have any good strategy buying things without a shopping list?

Please share.

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Changing Your Name

Our parents gave us a name when we were born.

It is definitely a special name with special meaning.

They must have consulted many parties for their choice of names; they must have taken days and months to think through before they chose and used that name on us.

Over the years, we have been using that name.

Some of us like and love our name.

It is the very first gift from our parents. We honor our name and we honor our family name. We would be very annoyed and angry the moment people tease us and make fun of our name.

Some of us draw near to our parents and ask them about our name. We are proud to be told that it is a meaningful name.

Some of us don't like our name at all.

We hate it more and more when people make fun of us and play with our name. We hate it when people call us funny and awful names. We hate our name and we hate our parents who had given us that name.

Some of us prefer a glamorous, romantic and famous name.

We go ahead, fill many papers and undergo many difficult procedures; we want to change to our desired name.

Some of us consult books and experts on good names; they desire and want a great name to bring along good luck and chase away bad luck.

Of course, there are always many other reasons why people want to change their name.

How about you?

Do you have a good name?

Do you think it is necessary to change your name?

Is there a good reason why you want to change your name?

Can You Forgive Others?

Do you easily forgive people when they apologize?
Do you need time to ponder and consider?
Will your relationship with them be the same as before after they apologize?
These and many more related questions seem to haunt and torture many of us these days.

A trivial and innocent mistake is easily forgiven and forgotten. Over the years we have so many of these that we used to talk and joke about them later in our life and have a good laugh.

How about grave and serious mistakes that have hurt you so much? Will you readily forgive those who have wronged you? Will you forget the damage done?

Many times we have to consider and reconsider the apologies before we are happy and ready to forgive. We want to know whether those who apologize are sincere in their apologies. We want to know whether they do it on their own free will or they are coaxed to do it to preserve peace and harmony. An insincere apology will not be accepted since it doesn't come from the bottom of the heart.

Sometimes people apologize, but then they continue to do again. And they will come repeatedly to you with the same apologies : 'I'm sorry' and 'I'm sorry I did it again.' Will you forgive them because they come 'sincerely' to apologize? Now, how many times do you think you will forgive them before you say 'No'?

It will be good if we have a forgiving heart and we can readily forgive people in advance even before they come to apologize. We really need to pray for a soft heart ready to forgive others.

Do you think you can readily forgive others? Please share your views. thanks.

Buy Children A House

My friend and his wife are working with the government.

They have 3 adult children. The eldest son is quite independent with a stable job; the second son has recently entered the job market; and the youngest daughter is studying first year in a local university.

My friend and his wife love their children. They have bought each one of them a car of their choice. Now they bought the second son and the youngest daughter a common house, so that they can work or study comfortably.

I admire my friend and his wife. They are normal school teachers, earning monthly fixed income. But in their free time, they are very active in farming and rearing freshwater fish. And I heard that they are also actively involved in oil palm cultivation.

And their children are clever and hardworking too; two are doctors and their daughter an undergraduate!

And here they are, buying expensive gifts like cars and houses for their children.

How about you? Will you be found doing the same?

I believe every parents have a golden heart for their children. They teach and train them well; they provide for their every need and want; they encourage and discipline them, and they take very good care of them. Seldom do we see parents who are cold towards their children, who ignore and neglect their children, and cause them to suffer and die.

But here we have parents who are very generous to their children; they satisfy their every need and want and they are very happy about it.

Now every weekend, my friend and his wife will be with their children. They shop, eat, and have fun together. The journey maybe far and the traveling tiring, but the desire to visit their children outweighs everything.

Some parents are different. They are very careful when dealing with their children. They don't want to pamper their children; they give their children only what they really need; and they make their children earn what they want.

So which one is you?

What would you do?

Will you buy houses for your children?

Working From Home

Do you believe in working from home or getting a full-time job?

Online job is very tempting; you can make a lot of money in your own sweet time. You can do what you want to make ends meet while staying at home. The family is happy with you since you are always around; the children especially like it that way. Besides, working on what you like can really make your life feels better.

But, can it be done now? Can we work from home? I believe, with the present economic situation, working online seems impossible to provide for our family's needs and wants. The cost of living has doubled up these days; it is getting more and more difficult to make ends meet, and still insist on pursuing our personal interests.

I believe in full-time physical work near to home; working too far from home or abroad will only make everyone unhappy. Besides, there are the morning routines to take care of, and the children have their extra classes and co-curricular activities in school.

Working from home has been my dream. But I have to put it off until it can yield stable and enough income for the family needs. If it can double or triple my present income, I may think about quitting my present job.

I still believe family needs must come first and our personal interests second. It will be selfish on our part if we don't put our loved ones first in our life; it is their well being and their future that we should be after.

Working from home can be quite lonely sometimes. We will miss our friends and buddies sometimes, and those beautiful places that we love to visit daily and the many happenings.

But I think I love working from home. And I am jealous of those who are doing it now. I hope they are doing fine and their family happy.

As for me, I know now is not the time. Family needs must come first, than ours. But I believe it is happening, since it is generating better income these days.

Oh! Working from work; how I wish it's happening to me.

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