Miss My Moment Of Silence

A moment of silence is always helpful when the mind is confused and perplexed.

Nature shows us its reactions when under adverse condition.

Looking at the trees under the onslaught of the wind......

They look so flexible as they continue to resist the wind.

Many of them have developed deep and strong roots after years of experiences.

Many of them learn to keep together to stay strong.

And they are that calm and organized.


A moment of silence is always helpful when the heart is stirred and agitated.

Nature shows us its calm when under adverse condition.

Looking at the waters with its ripples and waves.......

They look so still and quiet again.

That tested patience after years of experiences.

That outflowing love that shares its inner wealth with all.

And they are that cool and appealing


As I ponder more... I really miss my moment of silence.

Those Many Moments

There are many different moments in our life.

There are sweet moments that tickle our hearts,

There are miserable moments that give us stress,

There are sad moments that cause our hearts to ache,

There are scaring moments that still haunt us from time to time,

There are nostalgic moments that cause up to stay still and remember the past,

There are joyous moments that make us tear in laughter,

There are humorous moments that dispel the blue mood,

There are the uncertain moments that bring us to our knees and pray for help,

There are thanksgiving moments that we learn to say praises and appreciation,

There are moody moments that we just don't know what to do.............


There are moments to remember,

There are moments to forget,

There are moments to treasure,

There are moments to let go,

There are moments to linger,

There are moments to cut short............


Some of us have many happy moments to remember,

Some of us have many sad moments to forget...........


The LORD God knows,

If only we will submit to Him.

He will help us to forgive and to forget,

He will lead us to remember all the sweet and happy moments..........


Bowing down to depression is never the answer,

Pretending to be happy is never a cure,

Facing our moments of truth is what we have to do...........


A bigger heart can brings us happiness,

A narrow mind always brings us undying enmity,

Let's take charge of the moments,

We are the lord of our moments.

Talking Behind

We are talking about certain individuals in our lives.

We are so full of praise to our family, relatives, friends and neighbors who are so kind and loving and who have helped us so much in our life journey.

We can tell about their good deeds, their distinctive character, their favorite hobbies and pastimes, their progress and achievements, their whereabouts, and many other matters.

But we have nothing much to say when it comes to sharing about family, relatives, friends and neighbors who are not that close to us.

We don't remember some of their names, we don't know their whereabouts, we have nothing to say about their family, and we have never greeted them though they are our next door neighbors.

But surprisingly we have a lot of bad things to talk about them......

We regard them as unfriendly and inconsiderate.

We regard them as unhelpful and rude.

We regard them as arrogant and proud.

We regard them as a loner and a loser.

We regard them as disorganized and undisciplined.

We regard them as reckless drivers, filthy old men, womanizers, wife beaters, great grumbler, and many many more.

We seem to know so much about them than they realized.

I am afraid sometimes we are wrong.

And this habit of talking bad behind others' backs is not healthy and can have serious repercussions.....

And so I sit down in a corner and ponder...

We need to know them very well before we form any judgment at all.

We need to talk and listen to them personally instead of talking behind their backs.

We need to learn to think and speak nicely of them.

Then I start to think nicely about some of those around me...

Then I shake my head and tell myself it will be difficult...

... I realize I have been very negative these days....

True Friend Indeed

It took me quite sometime to settle down after a slight argument. Then I have a hard time listening to all the insinuations and accusations......

The hurt is deep and painful, especially when it comes from someone dear.

A little idea, a little suggestion, a little opinion, a little insistence, then the spark of anger and argument ignites.

Those of us who have been hurt badly many times have become so self-protective and so cynical of others. They just cannot tolerate different views and opinions.

They welcome views and opinions, only to shoot them down one after another.

It is getting more burdensome and sick to get together with friends who never give up winning.

And they don't always win.

It is sad and frustrating to see and hear them fall... they can really go down.

A road of no return, yeah, and that is it.... when the majority have lost faith in you.

A road of no return, yeah, and that will be.... when the majority have decided to vote you out.

It is not easy to entertain them...

It is not easy especially when we don't take side......

But it is equally difficult to listen to continuous pouring of sad episodes of arguments, complaints, and grievances.

And that are what friends are for.

Only that I don't know I can bear it for how long....

Tell Me Where Else To Go

Living in high-rise building can be very scary and dangerous today.

The increasing rate of earthquakes in recent months has caused many buildings to collapse or simply sink into the soft ground.

Many are buried alive.


Living near the hill or mountain can be very scary and dangerous today.

The increasing frequency of landslides in recent weeks has caused many villages to disappear.

Many are buried to death.


Living near the sea or the river mouth can be very scary and dangerous today.

The increasing number of flash floods and tsunamis in past days has caused many to be swept away to the sea.

Many have drowned and disappeared.


Many are buried alive...

Many are buried to death...

Many are swept away by the water...

Many are drowned....

Many have disappeared....

They are no more.......


Piles and piles of death bodies are found...everywhere...

They stink and smell bad...everywhere...


Many are so used to them....... they don't cry anymore......

Many continue to shriek and scream....... for their losses......

Many have no one to cry....... they are all dead......

Many just sit still everywhere....... like a dead corpse.

No more tears to cry....

They have no more tears....


Oh, please tell me where to go?

Where else is the safest place of the world?