Adgitize - World Class Advertising On A Blogger's Budget

Adgitize is an advertising solution for bloggers.

It helps bloggers to get 'world class advertising on a bloggers budget'

The biggest advantage of Adgitize is that it will increase traffic to your blog.

Isn't that why you blog, so that you will be read?

Basically there are three ways to use Adgitize: you register and use the site as an advertiser, blogger, and affiliate.

The whole program is run on a point system; the more activities you do (e.g. posting to your blog, reading other members blogs, advertising, or clicking on advertising), the more points you will accumulate.

At the end of the month, all the points are added together and revenue set aside as payout will be evenly distributed to all the points. The payout is approximately 1 cent for every 5 points.

You won't get rich using Adgitize, but you will make a little pocket money, you will generate traffic to your blog, and you may even raise your Alexa ranking.

Advertisers can place ads in one of two sizes, 125 x 125 and 468 x 60.

Publishers can have up to 10 ads on their site (if they go with the smaller size). The more ads are displayed, the more points they generate.

Advertisers can have their ads displayed for seven days for $7, fourteen days for $10, or a month for $14.

The majority of members find that their points once converted actually pay for their advertising and give them a little extra money.

The affiliate program is very simple. Members make a $5 "finders fee" for every referral that purchases advertising, and they receive $1 each month as long as the advertising is renewed.

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Free Sheet Music

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VLC Media Player

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Children’s Cry

"The small intestine was getting sucked up by the big intestine."

A colleague of mine was pale in the face when the specialist doctor broke the news to her.

Her baby was crying pitifully right beside her.

"How is it possible?" The young mother inquired.

"It is rare, but it does happen."

The young mother was scared; she shivered, trembled and sobbed.

But the baby was in good hands.

The experienced doctor was very gentle and did his duty well.

The child was kicking and smiling again......


The young couples were traveling on their way home when the incident happened.

The baby was in great pain; sweating, screaming and kicking.

The husband got really panic, unsettled and undecided as to what to do.

The young mother looked at the young father, very concerned; something must be done fast.

They finally made up their mind to make a return trip to the city to see a specialist doctor.

They contacted him and felt relief to know that he was available.


The young mother was still pale, trembling and shivering this morning when she related her story to us.

It was one of her many bad experiences; her first one when they discovered that the child was with jaundice.

Many young mothers were gathering around to listen and to share. It wasn’t easy for young mothers to bring up children on their own.

Some have said that there are three rings in marriage: the engaging ring, the wedding ring, and suffering. Maybe it is true to the core.

But the joy of seeing children grow and watching them achieve developmental milestones is really nice.

It is worth the pain, the panic and the sacrifice; it rejoices the heart and makes the soul sings.


The baby is well fed and finally very fast asleep.

The young mother is sitting beside him, humming, singing and massaging him; the baby chuckles and smiles once in a while.

The young mother smiles heartily and forgets all her tiredness, panic, and headache.

The young mother looks at her child, she embraces and kisses him, and then she smiles broadly and says, “I love you, my child.”

Which Way Ahead

There are times when speed really matters.

We want things fast, and the ends always justify the means.

Late-comers may lose their opportunities, while early birds may have a good deal.

We see people rush to line up and wait for their turn hours before the event begins.

We watch people push and jostle each other to get near to the prize.

It’s great to see their energy and commitment to get what they want.

Of course, awful things do happen when they step on one another, engage in ugly conversation, or when the management is prejudice.

The easiest, quickest and guaranteed way to success is what many of us want and desire.

Of course, there will be time when knowledge, experience, and skill really matter.

The fastest path may not be the best there is!

There are many options, factors, combinations and moves to consider.

There are always ways, means and methods available.

And our best sometimes may not be good enough.

We do, redo and undo many operations.

We become hesitant, uncomfortable, unsure, and worried.

The best reliable solution to the problem is what we are after. We want to get things right and make things right; hurried makeshift solutions are just not right.

Surprisingly as we learn to make amend and seek after better decisions, we commit more mistakes, getting less efficient, and becoming more frustrated.

We get confused as to which way is right: the easiest, quickest and guaranteed way, or the deliberate, careful and precise way?

Which way would we choose?

The easy way?

Or the difficult way?

Oh! This way is too far.......

Chasing And Catching Dreams

Too much hustle and bustle in life; it’s time to relax and get away.

Too much chasing and running in life; it’s time to slow down and stay slow.

Then after a moment of rest, I will stand up with a broad smile and a lighter heart.......

And I will be found chasing and catching my dreams again.......

I remember my younger days, when I enjoyed chasing butterflies, catching fish, picking flowers, climbing trees, daydreaming.......

I remember as a teenage boy, chasing dreams, catching dreams, achieving dreams.......

I remember as a young adult, chasing and running after jobs, fame, degree, adventure, happiness, stability.......

And now, here I am, more successful, recognized, popular and well-respected than ever, but nevertheless still chasing and catching my dreams.

The Scripture taught me that ‘godliness with contentment is great gain’.

I often ponder and wonder when I will and can be contented.......

I often ended up with a rueful and weary smile.

Not now; surely not now. I shook my head.

But I know the Scripture is true.

Godliness with contentment is great gain.

There is nothing more important than godliness and contentment. First, to be at peace with God, and second, to be at peace with oneself, and then to be at peace with the rest of the world.

I’m not against chasing and running after our dreams.

In fact, I want everyone to have goals to live a fulfilled life.

But godliness and contentment should be the twin pillars of our lives; our ultimate goals in life.

I’m still chasing and running after my dreams.

Though I have lesser dreams now, and I seldom dream in my sleep.

But I’m perfecting my dreams, doing all I can for God, myself, and others.

Chasing and catching dreams.......

Here I come.......

I stand up with a broad smile and a lighter heart, and a bit of tear in my eyes.......

Share A Smile

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. − Mother Teresa

I meditated on this excellent saying and I derived great satisfaction, inspiration and motivation.

Mother Teresa said “every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

William Hazlitt said, “A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.”

I now know what I have missed: a brighter, broader and happier smile.

All too often, we take people, objects, environments and situations for granted.

We take people’s voluntary unpaid assistance and expertise for granted.

We take people’s time and resources for granted.

We take people’s kindness and love for granted.

We take people’s view and welfare for granted.

We take people’s commitment, loyalty and engagement for granted.

A warm and affable smile is what we need to give in return.

A quick and pleasant smile will be nice.

A simple and sincere smile will always be welcome.

A fascinating and appealing smile will work miracle.

Mother Teresa said “Smile is the beginning of love.”

There is far too much disrespect, division, hatred and bitterness in people today; it's time to sow more love and unity and peace into the world.

Let us always meet each other with a smile.

And a natural and attractive smile is what we need for a start.

Share a smile!