Do You Love Scars?

We all have scars from our life experiences. These scars maybe physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Scars remind us of things that have happened to us or things we have done. And scars remind us that the past is real.

Scars are good if they come from something good. But scars can really hurt if they happen because of our carelessness, recklessness or negligence.

Scars are good conversation starters. Every scars has a story to tell. And some of us just love to trade stories by looking at our scars.

Some people have scars on their forehead, near the eyes, over the cheek, under their lip and chin, across the face, near the neckline or all over the body. Those wounds are so painful and they hurt. And some have so many long, deep and ugly scars after many stitches and operations.

Do scars make you sexy? Some men and women love to see and lightly touch those scars and tattoos, and are very attracted to them. Some women view men with scars as being adventurous, macho and brave. But it is really the stories behind those scars that make them sexy or not.

But scars always remind me of something stupid or silly I have done. They remind me of the pain and worry I have gone through during those ordeals, and my times of darkness and separation from God.

Over the years, as I reflect further into my scars, and look beyond the many reasons that they have occurred, I finally see a different outcome then simply pain and worry. Now I understand that my scars are good reminders of God's mercy and grace during those times of rebellion and selfishness.

Now my physical scars remind me to live a healthier lifestyle. My emotional scars teach me the importance of happy lifestyle with friends and love. My spiritual scars bring me closer with God and Christ, a relationship I have never anticipated if not for the many events that have left the scars.

When I consider the scars on Jesus hands and feet from the nails, and in his side from the spear, I remember the severe pain and suffering He must have gone through. But that is not all. Jesus' scars remind me of victories over the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Jesus' scars clearly demonstrate to me that nothing can separate us from the love and grace of God. Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life. And no one can come to God the Father except by Him.

As it is, I am pleased with my scars and would never want to remove them.

Do you love your scars?

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

All of us have a habit to look at a mirror every now and then. No matter how slim or plump we are, how short or tall we are, how charming or ugly we are, how plain looking or how full of make-up we put on, how sweet or cute we are, we cannot resist the urge to spend quite a few minutes in front of a mirror, tending our hair, washing our face, removing the eye wax, blowing our nose, trimming the nostril hair, shaving the beard and moustaches, brushing our teeth, examining our mouth and tongue, putting on lipstick, powdering our face, wearing earrings, stretching our neck, and admire our look while we pose and smile or cry at the mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do I look before I go?

We praise ourselves for our physical build, our skin color, our handsome look, our elegant lifestyle, our flair in speech and dress, our quick wit and big idea, our knowledge and intelligence and what not. If we can adorn ourselves with love and sensitivity toward one another, then this world will be a better place to live.

Mirror, mirror in the world, how little we love and care for one another...

Will You Be My Love?

Maybe I am not romantic enough for you to love me, I love you with my whole heart and my soul yearns for you the moment I see you from afar.

Maybe I am not charming enough for you to love me, I am ever ready to love and cherish you with a pure, true, and a sincere heart.

Maybe I don't seem caring enough for you to love me, I always have you in my mind and I just can't help sending all my love for you.

Maybe I don't seem sensitive enough to understand all you need, my heart always sings for you and my love for you can never stop growing deeper and stronger.

Maybe I don't seem loving enough for you to love me, but here I am, ready to sacrifice all my life and all I have just for you.

Maybe I am not good with words, and can never be a good companion among your friends, I will serve you as my loving princess, and will remain truthful and honest with you forever.

Maybe I am not daring enough to say or scream openly that I love you, but will you please hold my hands and be my love for the rest of my life?

Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentine's Day.

Do you love someone?
  • Say it to plant it. Do it before you miss the chances. Love needs soil to root in.
  • Say it again to germinate it. Do it before it begins to wither and die. Love needs water to cause it to blossom like a living flower.
  • Say it a third time to blossom it. Do it before the hearts turn cold at every sight. Love needs sunshine for warmth and growth.
  • Say it a fourth time to strengthen it. Do it before it becomes brittle and disintegrates. Love needs tender loving care to nourish it and make it strong.
  • Say it many times to establish it. Make it deeply rooted, germinated, blossomed, and fruitful many times over that love may be in the air and spread to everyone around.
Share love. Love is in the air.

The Crying Mother

There was once an old lady who always cried.

Her elder daughter was married to an umbrella merchant and her younger daughter was the wife of a noodle vendor.

On sunny days, she would worry about the elder daughter, "Oh no! The weather is so nice and sunny. Who is going to buy any umbrella? What will happen if the shop has to be closed?" These worries made her really sad. And she just could not help it but cry for a long time.

On rainy days, she would cry for the younger daughter, "Oh no! You cannot dry noodles without the sun. Now there will be no noodles to sell. What will happen if the shop has to be closed?" And she just could not help it but cry for a long time.

As a result, the old lady lived in sorrow everyday. Whether sunny or rainy, she grieved for one of her daughters. Her neighbors could not console her and jokingly called her "the crying Mother."

One day, she met a wise man. He was very curious as to why she was always crying.

She explained the problem to him. The wise man smiled kindly and said, "Madam! You need not worry. I will show you a way to happiness, and you will need to cry no more."

The crying lady was very excited. She immediately asked the wise man to show her what to do.

The wise man said, "It is very simple. You just need to change your perspective. On sunny days, do not think of your elder daughter for not being able to sell umbrellas but think of your younger daughter for being able to dry her noodles. With such good and strong sunlight, she must be able to make plenty of noodles and her business must be very good. On rainy days, think about the umbrella store of the elder daughter. With such heavy rain, everyone must be buying umbrellas. She will sell a lot of umbrellas and her store will prosper."

The old lady saw the light and laugh heartily. She followed the wise man’s instruction. After sometime, she did not cry anymore; instead, she begin to smile everyday. From that day on she was known as "the smiling Mother."

Focusing on the positive, admirable, and honorable things in life is a happier and a better way to live.

Over-emphasizing the negative aspects of life will always defeat us and make us mourn and cry.

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There Is A Reason For Everything

It has been raining continually for the past few weeks now. Some of the surrounding areas have been flooded on and off. Is this the year of the ox or the year of the buffalo? Anyway, it is commonplace on the island of Borneo to have abundant rainfall to welcome the start of the year of the ox.

Everytime when there is a flood or a landslide, many people tend to grumble and curse. Some grumble because they have to reschedule their daily tasks and activities. Some mourn over the loss of their properties. Some are seen worn out moving their belongings up and down/ in and out of the house. Some are stranded for days with little children in their vehicles when there is no through road or the charge for assistance is exorbitant...

Sometimes I wonder why we must grumble because we have to reschedule everything we do. Is it human nature that we must always do things our own ways? Maybe some adjustments or a total change in our working schedules can do wonder. Maybe some creative thinking and logical reasoning can make our lives more fruitful and hopeful. After all, life is a passing through and treating works as routine will only reduce our impact and our efficiency in life. Be optimistic, there is always a reason for everything. Someday we will know.

Sometimes I wonder why we must grumble because we happen to lose all we have. Remember Job in the Bible; he lost everything including his children, yet he continued to praise and thank God. Life must goes on whatever happens. Start a new beginning and continue to live a meaningful life. Be optimistic, there is always a reason for everything. Someday we will know.

Sometimes I wonder why we must grumble because problems arise and we just cannot do anything. We are stranded with little comfort or joy. But it is during these difficult times that we discover our dependence upon God the Almighty. And it is during these difficult times that we discover our love for one another. Be optimistic, there is always a reason for everything. Someday we will know.

The rain continues... so is my optimism about life...

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