Be Optimistic

John was busy preparing his thesis for a higher degree, and worked as a customer service agent to pay the bills. His end goal was to obtain a post at the university he was doing the research for.

One day he got fired from his job. He couldn't really understand why, as he thought he had always done a good job, so he asked his manager. His boss explained that John was definitely a very good customer service agent, but due to company regulations they had to fire a number of people. It really hadn't anything to do with him.

John felt quite let down by the company and "the system", and questioned whether it was worth to keep on writing his thesis. He lost his motivation for a while.

At that time he was also reading some positive thinking books, and chose to change his point of view about the whole event. He decided that it was not so bad that he was fired. He had gained good experience in the field of customer service and could look for a better job with something to show in his CV.

Furthermore, he realized that until he got another job he would have more time for his thesis, which would push him closer to what he really wanted. John actually decided to see the event of being fired as a very good thing, and kept on even more motivated to reach his goal.

The best thing was that within three weeks he was called from the same job for a permanent position. He decided to see that in a positive way, too.

Positive thinking gives rise to positive attitude.