Who Do You Blame?

When things went terribly wrong, when things didn't operate in accordance to what we had planned, we would get frustrated, hesitated and angry, and we would blame the problems we faced on something or somebody around us.

Many of us would begin by blaming the problems we faced on ourselves, since we were the one who had initiated the project, planned it out and carried it through. But if we had done our roles well by making a detail plan and if we had carried out our plan properly according to schedule, then there was no reason why we should put the blame on ourselves when we failed to complete our project. After all, we had already done our best, though our best was not good enough to achieve the desirable goals.

Human beings are like that. Everyone of us aims for perfection and progress. We always want to get what we want. But when we fail or don't achieve what we want, we will usually get very mad, frustrated and hurt.

Some of us would blame the whole problems on other people. We would make many logical and illogical assumptions. If only our colleagues had played their parts, we would not have failed in our project; if our bosses and managers would listen to our ideas and suggestions, and took suitable or relevant actions in time, we would not have faced the various big problems; if our subordinates and the rest of the people we worked with had consistently played their respective roles, none of these would have happened to us. But is it so?

Some of us would blame it on our circumstances. We put the blame on the changing and fluctuating weather; we blamed it on the facilities and services available; we blames it on our culture and tradition; we blamed it on social issues and racial harmony; we blamed it on religious and spiritual restrictions, etc. Everyone just knew how to push away responsibilities, and everyone was clever enough to do it every time. But is it so?

Some would prefer not to blame it on anybody or anything. They would rather treat it as a lesson learned. They might feel regrets for a while over what had been done. But then they would not spend their time and effort regretting. Instead, they would rather stand up and continue on with challenges in life. It was no use regretting; life must go on.

How about you? How do you deal with your problems in life? Do you blame people or things around you? Or do you just forget about the whole problem and continue on with your life?

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Cherished Numbers

Cherished Numbers are just another phrase for personalized registrations. It can also be referred to as personalized plates, private plates, private numbers or personalized number plates.

Cherished Numbers are private or personal number plates which have sentimental value. Cherished numbers could be anything from your first car to your favorite team. Regardless of what it is, cherished number plates makes a vehicle more special and in some cases cherished numbers can even bring luck.

Cherished Numbers are at less of a risk because generally criminals will want to keep a low profile before and after a crime instead of having an eye catching registration plate drawing unwanted eyes their way.

A Private Room

Do you have a private room to yourself to do what you want? Do you enjoy a private corner where you can work alone?

Some of us enjoyed a private room ever since they were young. They had a room to themselves where they could put all their toys, their collection of books and items of interests and hobbies, their medals and trophies, clothes and shoes, etc. And they would insist that no one was allowed to disturb them, and no intruders without their consent.

Of course, there were those who were not that lucky; they don't have a private space to themselves. Everyone squeezed in a very small room. Here they would eat, play, sleep, and did various other things. But it would still be okay if everyone learned to be kind and respect one another's privacy, and took turn to use the facilities.

Having a private room or a private corner to oneself is really nice. Here we can organize and arrange our workspace the way we want in. We can decorate and equip it with the things we want, And we can work efficiently and effectively.

But as adults, we always give our children their private rooms. Now we have to do our work in the living room. It may be a eating table, or a small desk by the corner of the room.

There will be time when our children will get restless and tired in what they do, and they will come and interrupt our work, disturb our things or ask a lot of questions. To solve the problems, some parents will fulfill their requests, or give them some work to do. And I believe they are doing it right; compromising with our children is a better idea than asking them to keep quiet.

Some of us have our room closed when we don't want to be disturbed; Others will just leave the door opened. It will be good that we ask permission to speak to them before we disturb them. They maybe busy and don't want to be disturb. Failing to do so sometimes create a lot of misunderstandings and arguments.

Do you have a private corner or a private room to do your work? What would you feel if you are disturbed?

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Encounter With The Unknown

Have you ever had any strange encounter with the unknown? I haven't. But I am hearing stories about it.

Some of my friends had advised me not to look back when I left the graveyard after a burial ceremony. They told me that the spirits would follow me home, and there would be bad consequences to my family.

Some of my people also reminded me to wash my face after paying my last respect to the dead, before I meet up with my family members, as this may bring bad luck upon them.

I don't know. I am getting confused too. But I listen to advices, and I don't want to have anything to do with the unknown.

Some said there are ghosts around us. I wonder what are ghosts. Some said they are just human beings not living in the physical bodies. These are people just like you and me. This gives me goosebumps! And I don't like it.

Some said there are evil spirits around us. I wonder what are evil spirits. Some said they are the messengers and ministers of the devil sent to disturb us, haunt us, and harm us. I don't like this too. I can get real scared!

Some said these are good reminders to those who have bad conscience, bad hearts, and bad intention. It would warn them every time they want to do bad. I don't like it too! I wonder how true and applicable these can be.

I have no problem attending the wake and funeral service. I have no qualms about the burial ceremony too. And I can walk around and help out whenever necessary. Yes, I do look back before leaving the graveyard.

But I believe in washing my face before I meet up with the rest of my family.

Maybe it is because I don't want them to see my sad and tired face after visiting the dead.

Maybe it is for some other reasons. I don't know, and I don't want to know.

But the good thing is I have never had a strange encounter with the unknown, and I don't think I want to.