We Are What We Are

We are all pretty handsome in our own ways. We never stop admiring ourselves standing in front of the mirror, looking at our new hairdos and costumes, or enjoying our poses and smiles. But the moment we are drawn to a crowd, we get unduly panic or uneasy, thinking others fare much better than us. What a loser we have become, neglecting the fact that God has created us after His image and has blessed us so much all these years.

All of us are talented and gifted in many areas of our life. We are masters of many trades and skills. We are perfecting ourselves in many areas and we are investing on new areas of interest. Life is never static as it seems; each new day brings renewed strength, fresh interests, new activities and abundant opportunities. But we are not satisfied; we feel dejected and depressed when hearing news that others gain more friendship, more wealth or position, or cultivating and spreading more influences. What a loser we have become, not knowing for certain that God has all the while satisfied all our needs and wants, and helping us fulfilled all our dreams and visions. Haven't we been blessed beyond measure all these years?

So let us be content with who we are and seek to improve our strengths and abilities.

If we are good in speaking. Let us speak out loud and clear, but with pretty sweet tone and tune. Let us speak meaningfully and thoughtfully, not blurting out as we please, bringing strong emotions and strange feelings, with the sole aim to hurt and not to mend relationship. Let us seek rather to edify one another.

If we have a good pair of ears, let us listen carefully and patiently what other people have to say. Let us not interrupt other people's flow of thoughts. Let us seek to understand fully and correctly the messages brought forward, avoiding all forms of misunderstanding and misinterpreting. Let us remain silent until we have something constructive to benefit others. But let us do so tactfully. Many relationships have been seared just because the hearers are never good listeners.

If we are good at work, let us do all our tasks well for the benefits of mankind. Let us not meddle into other people's businesses. After all, each of us is entrusted with different roles and responsibilities. Let us help those who seek help, but never for selfish gains, for earthly gains are temporary and worthless in comparison with knowing and serving our God. Whatever we do, let us be reminded that God is not far from us and He is watchful. Vengeance is His and He will carry out His plan according to His Will. While on earth, Let us seek to improve on our talents and skills, and constantly seek to advance in doing good for the good of others.