Bad Day

It takes time and effort to settle down when we are being disturbed or provoked at the least expected moment. And this can really be bad when it happens at the beginning of a new day, and if it continues on with more adverse and widespread damage for a long while.

Sometimes, all of a sudden, an email or a written memo arrived from our immediate boss demanding that we complete a certain task within a short time frame. It maybe okay if the task can be done individually without involving and consulting other colleagues. Often tasks like this can be hurried and done well. But there are times when we have to go around the workplace looking for information. Incidents like this can lead to a lot of stress and tension among fellow colleagues and supervisors.

Some of my colleagues are in this sort of dilemma. Tasks that are supposed to be done by their immediate bosses are handed down to them. I can see them mumbling and grumbling; I can see fellow colleagues complaining, disputing, and criticizing them. It is never a good job to do when it involves disturbing and hurting people, and no one in their right mind will do this sort of job.

Everyone in the office are asked to collect relevant information for the task. Many other jobs in the office are left undone. There are so many tasks to do and deadlines to meet, yet everyone's attention seems to be caught up with the directive from the boss.

Some days are spoiled because of outside influences and situations. Everyone is unhappy but there is nothing we can do.

She was The Right Person

My friend was chairing an important meeting this afternoon! It was an in-house training session. I could see her looking around with a rather pale and frightened face. I believed her heart must be throbbing very fast and she was shivering with fear. I could see from where I sat she was drawing quick and heavy breaths, walking around rather aimlessly and restlessly.

She was to present a welcoming message in a language that she was not fluent in. Her good friend was the one busy helping her writing the script this morning, while we joked with her about the whole thing.

I had no idea why she was chosen to chair the particular meeting. I presumed it was most probably because she was one of the organizing committee members.

She walked to the podium, got ready and gave us an awkward smile. Slowly she began to read her welcoming message. She was so fluent; I just couldn't believe it. I looked directly at her and she was smiling back confidently. For the first time I realized that I was wrong about her; she was ready after all.

Sometimes we take people for granted, and sometimes, we assume things. We trust our intuition and instincts more, and we have difficulties trusting and believing others. Maybe we need not be unduly worried; somehow, everything will work out fine.

I looked around at many of my other friends. They all can talk very fluently in informal meetings. Now I wonder if they will be able to do the same during official functions.

I looked at my lady friend again; I really admired her. she was in her late 40s, and she was giving her maiden speech in a foreign language, and yet she managed to do everything well.

I believe we are all made to do certain things.

Some of us have discovered their skills and gifts early and have accomplished many great things in life.

Some of us only will realize their talents and abilities after many years of negligence and slow responses.

Maybe it is time for us to give careful attention to these important areas.

I walked to her and congratulated her; she had done a great job.

Her closing speech was excellent too!

And I enjoyed that sweet and confident smile.

Oh yes! She was definitely the right person for the job.

I smiled understandingly and cheered her on.


When the weather is hot and humid, I enjoy eat watermelon. Watermelon has become my favorite fruit ever since I was young.

My late mother used to cut watermelon into big slices, and everyone would rush for the big one. Some of us would beg for a second helping if we had a smaller slice. Of course, our faces and bodies would be wet all over and dirty, and the place would be messy. But we wouldn't mind; we just enjoyed eating watermelon.

When I was working alone, I used to buy a medium-sized watermelon. I cut it into halves, put one half in the fridge, and ate the other half with a spoon. I enjoyed eating watermelon in front of the TV.

Now that I am married, my wife used to cut watermelon into small pieces. Everyone in the house has to learn to eat watermelon with a small fork. Of course, some of us still continue to eat with bare unwashed hands.

I remembered long time back when I was on a picnic with friends. We forgot to bring knife, and we ended up cutting our watermelon into big pieces by dropping it down on a big rock.

It is fun to eat watermelon with family and friends, especially when it comes to spitting the seeds. Though some of us can do it gracefully, majority of us have a hard time spitting the seeds. This, in turn, had created a lot of fun and laughter.

Do you like watermelon?

Sometimes, I love watermelon icy cold, so I put it in a freezer. Wow! it tastes better that way when the weather is really warm.

I have friends who love to mix different fruits, including watermelon, together. Then they would add some syrups or soft drinks. It tastes very nice to me too.

Oh! The weather is getting hot now. Maybe I should go and buy myself a watermelon. Yummy!


When I was small, I used to think that the world was so cruel and unfair; some people were born unlucky and would continue to be unlucky.

Some people were born into a rich family, others were born very poor; some people are born healthy and strong, others were born with disabilities and weaknesses; some people were born beautiful and intelligent, others were born ugly and stupid; some people were born protected and supported, others were born wild and unleaded.

Sometimes I had this combination of feelings of jealousy and resentment towards those who were born lucky and blessed. Sometimes I was angry at their complacency and indifference towards what they had been bestowed. If only I could have half they got, I would have made better decisions for my life.

And I thought this sense of jealousy was good for me. It spurred me on to hope of great things; it encouraged me to greater achievements; it moved me to better improve myself; it emboldened me to face the most painful and trying struggles; and it taught me not to give up easily.

And so I continued to have hope of great things, and I always told myself that if there is a will, there is always a way. And I strove to spend much time and effort to achieve my dreams. I had endured the many struggles in life. I had fallen enough times but I had stood up again! I was not to give up easily.

God is kind and God is fair. What we need to do is yield to Him. At any stage of our life, and in whatever situation we are in, the all-knowing and all-seeing God is waiting for us to draw near to Him to ask from Him, and He will be ready to help us.

I am what I am because of the grace and mercy of God. I am not rich, or poor; I am not clever, or dumb; I am not handsome, or ugly; I am not well protected, or wild. But I am definitely lucky, and well blessed. And I am happy, and contented.

I continue to be jealous of others, and I continue to be jealous of myself.

And that's life. Yet I am happy with myself.

God is definitely kind and fair.

When Your Love Is Rejected

Is it okay with you when someone rejects your love and requests to have a brother sister relationship with you? Would you accept it and sincerely treat him or her as your beloved brother or sister? Or would you say "Yes," because of a slim chance that you can be lovers again? Or would you just leave the relationship because you can't face the cruel fact that your love is rejected?

Some would prefer to stay put because of their true and undying love. They love the person 100% and they don't expect love in return. They sacrifice for their love and do their best to please their love. Now that the person they loved cannot accept them as lovers, they would not mind to accept the brother sister relationship. They are happy about it and their love would continue to grow and flourish.

Some would hold on because of a possibility to fall in love again. There is still a slim chance that the person may change his or her mind. The person may have made a mistake or is actually very confused as to what he or she really wants. He or she may need more time to think and figure our what to do. A little more waiting may save the day. Love needs time, and perfect love cannot be build in a hurry.

Some would prefer to leave the relationship. When love is not reciprocated, it hurts and it really hurts. They really need to get away fast to heal the wound. Some will concentrate on their work and strive hard to perform better; some would go back to their family and friends; some would take a trip somewhere far, etc. They all want to forget the relationship and to start over again.

Some would just leave the person, not knowing what to do and where else to go. It is a tough decision for them; who would want a love relationship changed into a brother sister relationship? Who would want a totally different love? They would just want to leave the place and go very far away, until the wound is healed. Then they would be ready to come back, as brother, sister, friend or stranger. They need time and more time, to consider.

How about you? What would you do?

Any comment or suggestion?

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