When Your Love Is Rejected

Is it okay with you when someone rejects your love and requests to have a brother sister relationship with you? Would you accept it and sincerely treat him or her as your beloved brother or sister? Or would you say "Yes," because of a slim chance that you can be lovers again? Or would you just leave the relationship because you can't face the cruel fact that your love is rejected?

Some would prefer to stay put because of their true and undying love. They love the person 100% and they don't expect love in return. They sacrifice for their love and do their best to please their love. Now that the person they loved cannot accept them as lovers, they would not mind to accept the brother sister relationship. They are happy about it and their love would continue to grow and flourish.

Some would hold on because of a possibility to fall in love again. There is still a slim chance that the person may change his or her mind. The person may have made a mistake or is actually very confused as to what he or she really wants. He or she may need more time to think and figure our what to do. A little more waiting may save the day. Love needs time, and perfect love cannot be build in a hurry.

Some would prefer to leave the relationship. When love is not reciprocated, it hurts and it really hurts. They really need to get away fast to heal the wound. Some will concentrate on their work and strive hard to perform better; some would go back to their family and friends; some would take a trip somewhere far, etc. They all want to forget the relationship and to start over again.

Some would just leave the person, not knowing what to do and where else to go. It is a tough decision for them; who would want a love relationship changed into a brother sister relationship? Who would want a totally different love? They would just want to leave the place and go very far away, until the wound is healed. Then they would be ready to come back, as brother, sister, friend or stranger. They need time and more time, to consider.

How about you? What would you do?

Any comment or suggestion?

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