She was The Right Person

My friend was chairing an important meeting this afternoon! It was an in-house training session. I could see her looking around with a rather pale and frightened face. I believed her heart must be throbbing very fast and she was shivering with fear. I could see from where I sat she was drawing quick and heavy breaths, walking around rather aimlessly and restlessly.

She was to present a welcoming message in a language that she was not fluent in. Her good friend was the one busy helping her writing the script this morning, while we joked with her about the whole thing.

I had no idea why she was chosen to chair the particular meeting. I presumed it was most probably because she was one of the organizing committee members.

She walked to the podium, got ready and gave us an awkward smile. Slowly she began to read her welcoming message. She was so fluent; I just couldn't believe it. I looked directly at her and she was smiling back confidently. For the first time I realized that I was wrong about her; she was ready after all.

Sometimes we take people for granted, and sometimes, we assume things. We trust our intuition and instincts more, and we have difficulties trusting and believing others. Maybe we need not be unduly worried; somehow, everything will work out fine.

I looked around at many of my other friends. They all can talk very fluently in informal meetings. Now I wonder if they will be able to do the same during official functions.

I looked at my lady friend again; I really admired her. she was in her late 40s, and she was giving her maiden speech in a foreign language, and yet she managed to do everything well.

I believe we are all made to do certain things.

Some of us have discovered their skills and gifts early and have accomplished many great things in life.

Some of us only will realize their talents and abilities after many years of negligence and slow responses.

Maybe it is time for us to give careful attention to these important areas.

I walked to her and congratulated her; she had done a great job.

Her closing speech was excellent too!

And I enjoyed that sweet and confident smile.

Oh yes! She was definitely the right person for the job.

I smiled understandingly and cheered her on.