Who Do You Blame?

When things went terribly wrong, when things didn't operate in accordance to what we had planned, we would get frustrated, hesitated and angry, and we would blame the problems we faced on something or somebody around us.

Many of us would begin by blaming the problems we faced on ourselves, since we were the one who had initiated the project, planned it out and carried it through. But if we had done our roles well by making a detail plan and if we had carried out our plan properly according to schedule, then there was no reason why we should put the blame on ourselves when we failed to complete our project. After all, we had already done our best, though our best was not good enough to achieve the desirable goals.

Human beings are like that. Everyone of us aims for perfection and progress. We always want to get what we want. But when we fail or don't achieve what we want, we will usually get very mad, frustrated and hurt.

Some of us would blame the whole problems on other people. We would make many logical and illogical assumptions. If only our colleagues had played their parts, we would not have failed in our project; if our bosses and managers would listen to our ideas and suggestions, and took suitable or relevant actions in time, we would not have faced the various big problems; if our subordinates and the rest of the people we worked with had consistently played their respective roles, none of these would have happened to us. But is it so?

Some of us would blame it on our circumstances. We put the blame on the changing and fluctuating weather; we blamed it on the facilities and services available; we blames it on our culture and tradition; we blamed it on social issues and racial harmony; we blamed it on religious and spiritual restrictions, etc. Everyone just knew how to push away responsibilities, and everyone was clever enough to do it every time. But is it so?

Some would prefer not to blame it on anybody or anything. They would rather treat it as a lesson learned. They might feel regrets for a while over what had been done. But then they would not spend their time and effort regretting. Instead, they would rather stand up and continue on with challenges in life. It was no use regretting; life must go on.

How about you? How do you deal with your problems in life? Do you blame people or things around you? Or do you just forget about the whole problem and continue on with your life?

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