Bad Day

It takes time and effort to settle down when we are being disturbed or provoked at the least expected moment. And this can really be bad when it happens at the beginning of a new day, and if it continues on with more adverse and widespread damage for a long while.

Sometimes, all of a sudden, an email or a written memo arrived from our immediate boss demanding that we complete a certain task within a short time frame. It maybe okay if the task can be done individually without involving and consulting other colleagues. Often tasks like this can be hurried and done well. But there are times when we have to go around the workplace looking for information. Incidents like this can lead to a lot of stress and tension among fellow colleagues and supervisors.

Some of my colleagues are in this sort of dilemma. Tasks that are supposed to be done by their immediate bosses are handed down to them. I can see them mumbling and grumbling; I can see fellow colleagues complaining, disputing, and criticizing them. It is never a good job to do when it involves disturbing and hurting people, and no one in their right mind will do this sort of job.

Everyone in the office are asked to collect relevant information for the task. Many other jobs in the office are left undone. There are so many tasks to do and deadlines to meet, yet everyone's attention seems to be caught up with the directive from the boss.

Some days are spoiled because of outside influences and situations. Everyone is unhappy but there is nothing we can do.