When the weather is hot and humid, I enjoy eat watermelon. Watermelon has become my favorite fruit ever since I was young.

My late mother used to cut watermelon into big slices, and everyone would rush for the big one. Some of us would beg for a second helping if we had a smaller slice. Of course, our faces and bodies would be wet all over and dirty, and the place would be messy. But we wouldn't mind; we just enjoyed eating watermelon.

When I was working alone, I used to buy a medium-sized watermelon. I cut it into halves, put one half in the fridge, and ate the other half with a spoon. I enjoyed eating watermelon in front of the TV.

Now that I am married, my wife used to cut watermelon into small pieces. Everyone in the house has to learn to eat watermelon with a small fork. Of course, some of us still continue to eat with bare unwashed hands.

I remembered long time back when I was on a picnic with friends. We forgot to bring knife, and we ended up cutting our watermelon into big pieces by dropping it down on a big rock.

It is fun to eat watermelon with family and friends, especially when it comes to spitting the seeds. Though some of us can do it gracefully, majority of us have a hard time spitting the seeds. This, in turn, had created a lot of fun and laughter.

Do you like watermelon?

Sometimes, I love watermelon icy cold, so I put it in a freezer. Wow! it tastes better that way when the weather is really warm.

I have friends who love to mix different fruits, including watermelon, together. Then they would add some syrups or soft drinks. It tastes very nice to me too.

Oh! The weather is getting hot now. Maybe I should go and buy myself a watermelon. Yummy!



March 22, 2011 at 6:55 PM

You bet I love watermelon. Most especially when very cold. I like it seedless so they don't get in the way of the sweet cool yummy treat :)


March 22, 2011 at 10:06 PM

Wow! very cold seedless watermelon. My favorite too. Yummy!