Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Mark 5:21-43

The Conception Of His Faith (21-24)

The Direction Of His Faith

Jairus was a ruler of the synagogue.

He possessed power, privilege, prestige, position, and prominence.

But none of the things mattered anymore!

Sickness and death had visited his home.

His little daughter was dying.


Jairus needed help!

He heard about the Lord Jesus Christ.

He ran to Him and humbled himself at His feet.

The Depth Of His Faith

Jairus believed His touch would bring healing to his child.

So he humbled himself at His feet and cried out for help.


The Confusion Of His Faith (24-35)

Confused By Hindering Situations

The Lord Jesus Christ went with Jairus to heal his daughter.

As He was, He was thronged by the crowd.


A very sick woman touched His garments and was healed.


The Lord Jesus Christ stopped to confront and comfort this woman.

As He did, precious minutes passed by.


Jairus might have been confused and upset by this delay.

His daughter was dying!

She didn’t have much time.

Confused By Hopeless Situations

Some people came from the home of Jairus with devastating news.

His daughter was dead!

This news must have attacked his faith and brought him to the very edge of despair!


The Confirmation Of His Faith (36-43)

Confirmed By The Savior’s Words

The Lord Jesus Christ overheard the news of the girl’s death.

He knew the fear that rested within the heart of Jairus.

The Lord Jesus Christ said, “Do not be afraid; only believe.”

The Lord Jesus Christ was asking Jairus to keep believing in Him!


The Lord Jesus Christ and Jairus continued on to Jairus’ house.

When they arrived, they found that the mourners were already there.

The mourners were wailing and crying and sad tunes were being played on the flutes.


The Lord Jesus Christ told the mourners to stop their wailing.

The little girl was not dead, but only sleeping.


They laughed at Him.


The Lord Jesus was letting Jairus and everyone there know that He was in control of the situation.


Confirmed By The Savior’s Works

The Lord Jesus Christ sent the mourners and the spectators away.

He took Jairus, the girl’s mother and Peter, James and John and entered the room where the girl’s body was laid.

He took her by the hand and said “Talitha Cumi”, which was translated, “Little girl, I say to you, arise.”


What a tender expression!

The Lord Jesus Christ was moved with compassion by the grief in this home and He called the little girl’s spirit back into her body.

She obeyed His command and instantly received life.

She got up and everyone was amazed.


Jairus had his faith enlarged by this encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

He discovered the power of God and his life would never be the same again.


When we place our problems beside the Lord, it will grow very small.

He can cut them down to size!



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