Getting The Second Fear First

Mark 4:35-41

Remember Who Creates The Storm

God's Power In Creating The Storm

Satan might have been behind this storm.

Or, it might have been the product of nature.

But God is Sovereign!

His fingerprints were all over the storm.

It was He who sent it.

God's Purpose In Creating The Storm

The disciples were placed in this storm to teach them to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

They were to learn His power over the deep.

God's Peace In Creating The Storm

The winds and the waves did not bother the Lord Jesus Christ.

He slept peacefully, knowing everything was well in hand.


Remember Who Controls The Storm

God Controls The Storm By His Word

The Lord Jesus Christ promised the disciples to cross over to the other side of the Sea.

His words would never fail.

God Controls The Storm By His Work

The Lord Jesus Christ calmed the storm.

God Controls The Storm By His Will

The Lord Jesus Christ sent the disciples to the storm, and He saw them through!

He determined the duration, the severity and the results.


Remember Who Calms The Storm

The Lord rebuked the storm and it went away.

The Sea of Galilee became absolutely calm and peaceful again.

The disciples were relieved that the threat was gone.

They were left in awe at the power and majesty of the Lord.


Do we get the second fear first?

Have we learned the lesson of the storm?

It is there to teach us to depend on the Lord Jesus Christ.

When we stand in awe of God's power, the storms will cease to frighten us.

Whether it is disease, discouragement, difficulty or death, it will seem as nothing when it compared to God.

Those who have a big God have little problems!

Those who have a mighty God weather every storm!



October 29, 2011 at 10:53 PM

This bible story always comes back to me whenever I face huge obstaclesand decision-making issues. It is indeed a good reminder that the Lord is sovereign above all and will lead and take care for us, no matter what.Thanks for the post, God bless!