Don’t Miss The Sign!

Mark 8:10-13

A Stern Demand (11)

The Lord Jesus Christ had just finished feeding 4000 people.

He and His disciples then left by boat and went to another part of Israel.


As soon as they arrived there, they were met by the Pharisees.


The Pharisees began to question Him.

They wanted to test Him.

They wanted Him to show them a sign from Heaven.

Their intention was to wait for Him to fail.

Then, they could and would denounce Him as a false prophet.


They had heard enough gospel from Him.

They had seen enough proof.


Their problem was simply that they didn’t want to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ!

They did not want Him to be their Messiah.

They refused to bow down to Him as their Savior!


A Solemn Declaration (12)

When the Lord Jesus Christ heard their demand, He was grieved in His soul.

His was frustrated and perhaps angry.


His questioned them, “Why does this generation ask for a sign?”


They had the Messiah.

God in the flesh was walking among them.

But they could not even recognize Him.


They were looking for a heavenly sign.

Heaven had taken up residence among them.

But they missed it!


A Sorrowful Departure (13)

The Lord Jesus Christ left them.

There was nothing more to say and do.


They refused to believe.

So He abandoned them to their choice.


He turned them over to their own ways.

He left them in their darkness!

What a horrible thought.

But that was just what the Lord Jesus Christ did.


The Lord Jesus Christ will not deal with us forever.

There will come a point when He will walk away from us, never to return.

He will abandon us to the eternity we have chosen.


If God has been speaking to us about being saved, we need to heed His voice now!


There will come a day when He will stop speaking to our hearts.


Don’t bet our soul on the thought that we always have tomorrow to get right with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today is the day of salvation!


If we don’t come to the Lord Jesus Christ and believe on Him for salvation in this life, we will spend eternity in Hell, apart from God, for all eternity!


Let us rather come to the Lord Jesus Christ while there is time.

Let us come to Him and be saved.

Come to the Lord Jesus Christ today.


Are we still looking for a sign? Don’t!


Let us come rather to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved today.

Come now!


  Master Blogger

November 23, 2011 at 1:18 AM

We don't need signs, all we need is faith and belief, Jesus will save us, we need to believe in him!

Zero Dramas


November 28, 2011 at 5:25 PM

Faith is more than enough for us to save. This is what I believe, signs are no longer important.

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