The Wind Ceased

Mark 6:45-54

He Sent Them (45-47)

The storm came because it was the will of God.

The Lord Jesus deliberately sent His disciples into the storm.

His purpose was to grow their faith.


Storms are good for correction and perfection of our faith.


He Saw Them (48a)

The Lord Jesus was watching them from the mountain.

He saw their labor.


The Lord Jesus knows the load we bear.


He saw their opposition.


The Lord Jesus knows what we are fighting against right now!


God knows what He is doing!

Our job is to submit to Him and allow Him His way in our lives.


He Sustained Them (48b-51)

The Lord Jesus prayed for them.


The Lord Jesus is in Heaven and He is praying for us!


The Lord Jesus came to them.

He was there in the darkest hour.

He was there when they faced the thing they feared.

He was there when all possibility of human help was removed.

And He came in His own time.

He is seldom early.

But He is never late!


The Lord Jesus calmed the storm.


His disciples didn't recognize Him, because they were not looking for Him!


He came declaring His authority.

He addressed their fear.

Then He calmed their storm.


We are just like the disciples.


Our storms rage.

We finally call upon the Lord Jesus.

He stills the storm.

And we stand there with our mouths open and say "WOW!"

Yet, all the while, He is waiting on us to call on Him.


What is our storm today?


Whatever it is, the Lord Jesus can handle it!


Come on, call on Him and in His time, the wind will cease in our storm too.



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