The 12 Disciples

Mark 6:7-13

The Mission Of The 12 (7)

The Lord Jesus called His men to Him.

He sent them out on a preaching mission.

He sent them out 2 by 2.

It provided companionship, encouragement and prayer.

It fulfilled the requirement of the Law for every testimony to be established by the words of at least 2 witnesses.

He gives them the power to carry His message to the world.


The Mandate Of The 12 (8-11)

The Lord Jesus gave them specific command.

They were to go as they were, without making any special preparation for their travel.

They were to undertake the assignment with their full faith in the Lord Jesus and in His ability to take care of them.

They were to go with a sense of urgency.

They were to take only one coat.


They were to accept the hospitality of the local people.

They were to abide in whatever house they were invited into.

They were not to seek out better accommodations.

They were not to look for more comfortable lodging.

They were to take what they were given and they were to be happy with it.


When they entered a village, and they and their message were rejected, they were to leave that village.

They were to shake the dust off their sandals.

This served as a sign that the recipients would face a harsh judgment for rejecting God’s offer of salvation.


The message of the disciples was a message of hope and salvation.

Those who rejected the offer of salvation were given a message of judgment and damnation.


The Message Of The 12 (12)

They preached that men should repent.

It refers to a change of mind that leads to a change of action.


Repentance has both a negative aspect and a positive aspect.

Repentance looks backward, but it also looks forward.

Repentance says, “I will stop doing the things I should not do and I will begin to do the things I should do. I will stop living a life of sin and I will start to live a life of holiness.”


The Ministry Of The 12 (13)

The disciples went out in the power of the Savior.

They saw Him move and work in power and glory.

God confirmed His work in them through powerful ways.


Our Savior is in the life-changing, soul-saving business!

And He desires us to have a part in His ministry.

When we hear His call, accept His commission, walk in faith and share His message with a lost and dying world, we can expect Him to honor His Word, and save the lost.