I am not a good reader of books; though I know reading is a good habit, and I have tried to make up my mind to read more, I don't really spend much time reading even when I am free.

Some of my friends are book addicts; they cannot live without books, and they have to bring books wherever they go. Some of them told me that they couldn't stop reading until they have finished the whole book; they could read until late at night or the early hours of the next morning.

I can never finish reading a book in one sitting, even for a thin book. I will need to take a break from time to time to relax and ease my mind, before I can continue reading. Sometimes, it will take me a few days to a week to finish reading a book.

In my younger days, I needed to refer to the dictionary every time I read, and this was especially true when I read an English book. English is not my mother language and I had difficulties learning English in my younger days. My children don't have this problem, since they all speak English at home.

Until now I still have problems with my reading speed; I still have difficulties finished reading a book in one sitting. I believe the main cause is the lapse of concentration and indiscipline. I really need to set aside time to read a book everyday to help improve my reading habit.

It is good to know that my children love and enjoy reading. And they are always reading novels and stories. They have bookshelves filled with books. I am proud of them.

Maybe as we grow older and wiser, we need to read more books, so that our speech may always be gracious, seasoned with salt, and know how we ought to answer others when the time comes.

Oh reading, my weakest point, how I wish I can do better!