Working From Home

Do you believe in working from home or getting a full-time job?

Online job is very tempting; you can make a lot of money in your own sweet time. You can do what you want to make ends meet while staying at home. The family is happy with you since you are always around; the children especially like it that way. Besides, working on what you like can really make your life feels better.

But, can it be done now? Can we work from home? I believe, with the present economic situation, working online seems impossible to provide for our family's needs and wants. The cost of living has doubled up these days; it is getting more and more difficult to make ends meet, and still insist on pursuing our personal interests.

I believe in full-time physical work near to home; working too far from home or abroad will only make everyone unhappy. Besides, there are the morning routines to take care of, and the children have their extra classes and co-curricular activities in school.

Working from home has been my dream. But I have to put it off until it can yield stable and enough income for the family needs. If it can double or triple my present income, I may think about quitting my present job.

I still believe family needs must come first and our personal interests second. It will be selfish on our part if we don't put our loved ones first in our life; it is their well being and their future that we should be after.

Working from home can be quite lonely sometimes. We will miss our friends and buddies sometimes, and those beautiful places that we love to visit daily and the many happenings.

But I think I love working from home. And I am jealous of those who are doing it now. I hope they are doing fine and their family happy.

As for me, I know now is not the time. Family needs must come first, than ours. But I believe it is happening, since it is generating better income these days.

Oh! Working from work; how I wish it's happening to me.



December 8, 2010 at 10:36 AM

I wish I can work at home as well and have the flexibility of time. I don't like the early morning rush going to work but as of now, it's not doable with me. I think I should establish passive income streams first before I can work at home full time.