Changing Your Name

Our parents gave us a name when we were born.

It is definitely a special name with special meaning.

They must have consulted many parties for their choice of names; they must have taken days and months to think through before they chose and used that name on us.

Over the years, we have been using that name.

Some of us like and love our name.

It is the very first gift from our parents. We honor our name and we honor our family name. We would be very annoyed and angry the moment people tease us and make fun of our name.

Some of us draw near to our parents and ask them about our name. We are proud to be told that it is a meaningful name.

Some of us don't like our name at all.

We hate it more and more when people make fun of us and play with our name. We hate it when people call us funny and awful names. We hate our name and we hate our parents who had given us that name.

Some of us prefer a glamorous, romantic and famous name.

We go ahead, fill many papers and undergo many difficult procedures; we want to change to our desired name.

Some of us consult books and experts on good names; they desire and want a great name to bring along good luck and chase away bad luck.

Of course, there are always many other reasons why people want to change their name.

How about you?

Do you have a good name?

Do you think it is necessary to change your name?

Is there a good reason why you want to change your name?