CashGopher Review

CashGopher is a new program that members download on their computers to allow the company to utilize them during downtime. By allowing them to use your bandwidth, they in turn share their profits with you.

CashGopher is a website that empowers users to let their computers work for them. All that is required is to simply download the software onto your computer from the company's website. It is that simple.

How does it work? First of all, you do absolutely nothing. While your computer is idle, the company performs various online chores with it and sends the results back to their data warehouse. Companies pay CashGopher for the right to harness the vast computing power that it provides.

Companies are willing to pay CashGopher to serve targeted advertisements to everyone who is running the program. They will not allow any illegal activities to be conducted.

How Do I Get Paid? CashGopher pays your PayPal account directly once you have accumulated at least $10 in earnings. Members get paid a small amount each month by CashGopher depending on how often they utilize your system.

Members can earn extra income by refer new members to the program. For every new member you recruit and downloads the program, you will earn 25% of what they earn each month.

CashGopher is a legitimate way to earn a few dollars online without making an investment in time or cash. The folks who are able to recruit a large number of new members will have an opportunity to earn a significant income.

So what are you waiting for?

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