Can You Forgive Others?

Do you easily forgive people when they apologize?
Do you need time to ponder and consider?
Will your relationship with them be the same as before after they apologize?
These and many more related questions seem to haunt and torture many of us these days.

A trivial and innocent mistake is easily forgiven and forgotten. Over the years we have so many of these that we used to talk and joke about them later in our life and have a good laugh.

How about grave and serious mistakes that have hurt you so much? Will you readily forgive those who have wronged you? Will you forget the damage done?

Many times we have to consider and reconsider the apologies before we are happy and ready to forgive. We want to know whether those who apologize are sincere in their apologies. We want to know whether they do it on their own free will or they are coaxed to do it to preserve peace and harmony. An insincere apology will not be accepted since it doesn't come from the bottom of the heart.

Sometimes people apologize, but then they continue to do again. And they will come repeatedly to you with the same apologies : 'I'm sorry' and 'I'm sorry I did it again.' Will you forgive them because they come 'sincerely' to apologize? Now, how many times do you think you will forgive them before you say 'No'?

It will be good if we have a forgiving heart and we can readily forgive people in advance even before they come to apologize. We really need to pray for a soft heart ready to forgive others.

Do you think you can readily forgive others? Please share your views. thanks.



December 18, 2010 at 2:45 PM

hi there! I'll just think aloud. Sometimes, it is hard for me to forgive. I can say that I am a kind person and very friendly. I can't find any reason why some people would hurt me. That's why I can't manage to forget what they have done to me.

December 18, 2010 at 10:44 PM

We really have to pray hard for a soft and ready heart to forgive others. Harboring hatred and anger wouldn't do. It's difficult to forgive others, but it's never impossible. Though I do have a hard time forgetting the hurts I suffered.