Buy Children A House

My friend and his wife are working with the government.

They have 3 adult children. The eldest son is quite independent with a stable job; the second son has recently entered the job market; and the youngest daughter is studying first year in a local university.

My friend and his wife love their children. They have bought each one of them a car of their choice. Now they bought the second son and the youngest daughter a common house, so that they can work or study comfortably.

I admire my friend and his wife. They are normal school teachers, earning monthly fixed income. But in their free time, they are very active in farming and rearing freshwater fish. And I heard that they are also actively involved in oil palm cultivation.

And their children are clever and hardworking too; two are doctors and their daughter an undergraduate!

And here they are, buying expensive gifts like cars and houses for their children.

How about you? Will you be found doing the same?

I believe every parents have a golden heart for their children. They teach and train them well; they provide for their every need and want; they encourage and discipline them, and they take very good care of them. Seldom do we see parents who are cold towards their children, who ignore and neglect their children, and cause them to suffer and die.

But here we have parents who are very generous to their children; they satisfy their every need and want and they are very happy about it.

Now every weekend, my friend and his wife will be with their children. They shop, eat, and have fun together. The journey maybe far and the traveling tiring, but the desire to visit their children outweighs everything.

Some parents are different. They are very careful when dealing with their children. They don't want to pamper their children; they give their children only what they really need; and they make their children earn what they want.

So which one is you?

What would you do?

Will you buy houses for your children?



December 14, 2010 at 10:47 PM

Well first it depends on whether I have the money to do it, then it will depends on how responsible my kids are. I would do anything for my children but I also have to make sure that if I am not around they can manage because sometimes giving everything to the kids is just not a solution.

December 15, 2010 at 11:18 AM

Prisqua, I agree with you. It's just not easy to decide at times. How we wish we can give them a better life, while at the same time we don't want to pamper them too much.