Talking Behind

We are talking about certain individuals in our lives.

We are so full of praise to our family, relatives, friends and neighbors who are so kind and loving and who have helped us so much in our life journey.

We can tell about their good deeds, their distinctive character, their favorite hobbies and pastimes, their progress and achievements, their whereabouts, and many other matters.

But we have nothing much to say when it comes to sharing about family, relatives, friends and neighbors who are not that close to us.

We don't remember some of their names, we don't know their whereabouts, we have nothing to say about their family, and we have never greeted them though they are our next door neighbors.

But surprisingly we have a lot of bad things to talk about them......

We regard them as unfriendly and inconsiderate.

We regard them as unhelpful and rude.

We regard them as arrogant and proud.

We regard them as a loner and a loser.

We regard them as disorganized and undisciplined.

We regard them as reckless drivers, filthy old men, womanizers, wife beaters, great grumbler, and many many more.

We seem to know so much about them than they realized.

I am afraid sometimes we are wrong.

And this habit of talking bad behind others' backs is not healthy and can have serious repercussions.....

And so I sit down in a corner and ponder...

We need to know them very well before we form any judgment at all.

We need to talk and listen to them personally instead of talking behind their backs.

We need to learn to think and speak nicely of them.

Then I start to think nicely about some of those around me...

Then I shake my head and tell myself it will be difficult...

... I realize I have been very negative these days....


October 19, 2009 at 10:02 AM

Sometimes our day is not as positive as we would like. It can be from "getting up on the wrong side of bed" or working with someone who is very negative and makes your positive attitude bad. I always break up my day into 15 minute segments. By this I mean if I am around someone or something that makes me hungry, hurt or just unhappy. Within 15 minutes I say to myself that was 15 minutes ago and I won't let it ruin the rest of my day and I put it out of my mind and go on being happy. You can't allow other people or things to ruin your whole day. It isn't worth it and most people who do this, you might not even know and now you are letting them have control over your life, as they go on with their day unaware that you even exist. I hope this makes sense :-)

So cheer up and be happy. Great blog and wonderful writing, thanks Glenn


October 19, 2009 at 5:33 PM

Man overboard is right, sometimes our day just seem so wrong but we must go and remember that life is a constant challenge!

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