Those Many Moments

There are many different moments in our life.

There are sweet moments that tickle our hearts,

There are miserable moments that give us stress,

There are sad moments that cause our hearts to ache,

There are scaring moments that still haunt us from time to time,

There are nostalgic moments that cause up to stay still and remember the past,

There are joyous moments that make us tear in laughter,

There are humorous moments that dispel the blue mood,

There are the uncertain moments that bring us to our knees and pray for help,

There are thanksgiving moments that we learn to say praises and appreciation,

There are moody moments that we just don't know what to do.............


There are moments to remember,

There are moments to forget,

There are moments to treasure,

There are moments to let go,

There are moments to linger,

There are moments to cut short............


Some of us have many happy moments to remember,

Some of us have many sad moments to forget...........


The LORD God knows,

If only we will submit to Him.

He will help us to forgive and to forget,

He will lead us to remember all the sweet and happy moments..........


Bowing down to depression is never the answer,

Pretending to be happy is never a cure,

Facing our moments of truth is what we have to do...........


A bigger heart can brings us happiness,

A narrow mind always brings us undying enmity,

Let's take charge of the moments,

We are the lord of our moments.