True Friend Indeed

It took me quite sometime to settle down after a slight argument. Then I have a hard time listening to all the insinuations and accusations......

The hurt is deep and painful, especially when it comes from someone dear.

A little idea, a little suggestion, a little opinion, a little insistence, then the spark of anger and argument ignites.

Those of us who have been hurt badly many times have become so self-protective and so cynical of others. They just cannot tolerate different views and opinions.

They welcome views and opinions, only to shoot them down one after another.

It is getting more burdensome and sick to get together with friends who never give up winning.

And they don't always win.

It is sad and frustrating to see and hear them fall... they can really go down.

A road of no return, yeah, and that is it.... when the majority have lost faith in you.

A road of no return, yeah, and that will be.... when the majority have decided to vote you out.

It is not easy to entertain them...

It is not easy especially when we don't take side......

But it is equally difficult to listen to continuous pouring of sad episodes of arguments, complaints, and grievances.

And that are what friends are for.

Only that I don't know I can bear it for how long....


  Sandra Cobb

October 18, 2009 at 6:55 AM

Some of us march to the rhythm of a different drummer, and sometimes we are misunderstood. I have learned to just NOT share with those who want to belittle me. It just seems easier that way. I have also started to open up to NEW friends of like mind. I hope you find new friends that bring you joy.