Miss My Moment Of Silence

A moment of silence is always helpful when the mind is confused and perplexed.

Nature shows us its reactions when under adverse condition.

Looking at the trees under the onslaught of the wind......

They look so flexible as they continue to resist the wind.

Many of them have developed deep and strong roots after years of experiences.

Many of them learn to keep together to stay strong.

And they are that calm and organized.


A moment of silence is always helpful when the heart is stirred and agitated.

Nature shows us its calm when under adverse condition.

Looking at the waters with its ripples and waves.......

They look so still and quiet again.

That tested patience after years of experiences.

That outflowing love that shares its inner wealth with all.

And they are that cool and appealing


As I ponder more... I really miss my moment of silence.



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