PTA Meeting

Standing in front of a big group of people giving a speech or coordinating a meeting is really not easy. It takes a lot of guts to begin with. We must have nerve or we wouldn't be doing it. We also need a lot of staying power, because we need to give an overview of the current situation, we need to tackle the issues and problems at hand, and most importantly, we want to attract and hold the attention of the audiences beside influence their acceptance and their willingness to take actions. But when the meeting is important for the effective and successful functioning of an organization, then it must be carried out soon enough.

I was sitting together with the PTA members in front of a huge crowd of concerned parents when this particular meeting was carried out. Everyone was listening attentively and respectfully to the speeches delivered by the chairman and the principal of the school. The main thrusts of the speeches were on the student welfare and school discipline policy and the school supervision plan.

Many parents present were illiterate and came from rural environments, and most of them were doing farming on a small scale. They sat straight up in their chairs and and paid undivided attention to what was being said. Sometimes they were seen nodding their heads showing their approval and appreciation. Sometimes they put up their hands, stood up, and shouted in agreement. Such funny and innocent moves cheered up the crowd and made the meeting lively and fruitful. And I for one salute them because these are the people who make the school proud, who make the local communities develop and strengthen, who make the nation grows and prospers, and who make the world a better place for everyone.

Many issues and problems were tackled. Many resolutions and recommendations were passed. A new committee for PTA was elected. Lucky draws were given out to the audiences. The meeting came to an end. Food and refreshment were served to everyone.

Yet too many meetings remain meetings for the sake of meeting. And here again is a meeting of hopeful people of vision. But just how soon and how strong are the impacts? And the common excuse is always....... no one knows......., it is difficult to measure........or is it because they are never measured at all.


  Artist Victoria O'Neill

March 30, 2009 at 11:42 AM

Hello there, so happy to have come upon your blog. I've enjoyed reading your posts, and really like the postive theme of each one.