Pool Our Talents

Some people are self-motivated and optimistic about the future. They learn through experimentation and persistence. They are incredible organized individuals who are dedicated and can learn well independently. They can manage their time well and they can take control of their lives. These are the people who are looking forward for a brighter future. These are people who are treading on the path to success.

Some people are scared and pessimistic about the future. They need a little extra push and encouragement to overcome their obstacles. They are naturally shy and ashamed of their living conditions. They lack confidence and self-esteem to move forward with their lives. They need helps to open their mind's eye. They need someones to help contemplate the journey ahead. They need further instructions on how to stay on track when the journey gets rough, tough and difficult to manage. They need the help of a mentor to stay along them treading the path to success.

We are not to claim that someone among us is stupid and helpless. God has made us all in His image and He has given each of us some talents. We are to polish up our talents and sharpen our skills. And we are to help others to discover and rediscover their talents. Until then, let us bear with them with patience and love.

Be positive, always.

Let us combine our forces and pool our talents together for the benefit of all.



March 17, 2009 at 2:32 AM

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