A Blade Of Grass

I enjoy lying on the grass on a slope, gazing up at the clouds reminiscing about the past. I love the wide blue sky and I enjoy watching the different cloud formations and feeling the light drizzle.

I also enjoy sitting by the river bank, listening to the flowing water, watching its ripples and the fish swimming and chasing one another. And I love watching the birds flying in the wood and the leaves falling from the trees.

Sitting and lying on the grass always bring me peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of soul. And it restores my strength and my desire to go on in my life.

I love to pull a blade of grass, put it in my mouth and chew it slowly. I enjoy tasting its juice and smelling its natural aroma even until today. LOL

I believe we often overlook the lessons from a blade of grass.

A blade of grass always stand up on its own. It stands tall to few meters high. And it stands proud anywhere it is found.

A blade of grass stands the wildest storm even when many other tall and mighty trees have fallen. Though It may bend in the wind of a storm, it remain whole.

A blade of grass stands deep submersion in salty and muddy water for a long period of time. And it just doesn't get rotten easily.

A blade of grass can withstand great temperature changes. It can stand a drier climate than trees. And it can also stand more cold than most crop plants.

A blade of grass can also stand more mowing and cutting. It can stand more trampling in the play fields, in the parks and footpaths. It can even stand up to the need of grazing cattle.

And so here I am, lying on a carpet of grass.

It is just amazing how this green patch of grass can bring so much peace to my mind, joy to my heart and soul, and strength to my body.

The blade of grass continues to stand up strong and looks great regardless of the amount of activities it handles. The grass continues to sway when the wind blows or when you walk through it...