MILO = 3170

Every time when I saw a groundsman dismounting a bike in front of a 4D shop to buy 4-digit lottery tickets, I smiled to myself heartily and remembered one of my old friend who just loved to gamble in small amount when there was a draw. Now, I don't condone gambling, but sometimes I did sit near friends who just loved to talk about their gambling experiences.

People who gamble have all sorts of interpretations about their dreams and everyday occurrences that happen in the world. And they just love to gather together somewhere to talk about it. They will hold their tickets in their hand, talking about the different arrangements of the digits, or how they have wrongly interpreted the digits. They look very serious in their interpretations and sometimes they refer to their books of numbers which have many pictures and the associated numbers! They will argue with you when you don't agree with their interpretations. Sometimes, I just loved to sit near them, sipping a cup of well-brewed coffee. I loved to listen to their funny jokes and stories. There is always laughter and excitement in the air and you can leave the place feeling satisfied and happy. They do brighten your day and lighten your heart. But don't indulge in gambling and speculation. A simple and honest living is more fulfilling and meaningful.

Now, back to my old friend. One day he was late for work because of his dream on "MILO". Riding his bike to school, he was constantly thinking about the number combinations. He tried to dwell his thoughts on what his friends had told him, but to no avail because he was illiterate. He began to sweat and got very uneasy. Suddenly, he felt that he had an itchy back. He stretched out his left hand to scratch it while his right hand was on the throttle. But he couldn't reach it. He began to get frustrated with the unsuccessful attempts that he put his left hand on the throttle and scratched his back with his right hand. Finally he reached the spot and he was smiling away. Then... he and his bike fell into a drain and he was covered with mud all over... He was smiling and giggling... He finally found the number...3170. The bike turned over, so must the letters. He brought two tickets and he struck second prize... and he had another story to tell his friend. And this time, it was real. LOL



April 9, 2009 at 8:04 AM

This sounds familiar here in the Philippines. I often hear conversations like what you mentioned in the beauty parlor when I have my hair done. For hours the beauticians would only be taking about number combinations, "what ifs", and "what I will buy if I win". These are only small time gambler betting on 3-digit number combination on a few pesos. But considering their level of income these would have been a great help for their families and they are only making the financiers rich. However, the hope that they have gained by betting is also something money cannot buy. Because in our present economic situation, if you lost hope you are a walking dead man. If only they would trust in the Lord to supply ALL their needs they will lack nothing.