We Walk To School Barefooted

I remembered the old days when we didn't have shoes to go to school.

We walked on a muddy and slippery trail. Our feet were often cold and wet. And we slipped and fell heavily and our uniforms were often torn, dirty and bloody. But we walked on undeterred. Nothing could stop us from achieving our goals.

We walked on a gravelly and sometimes rocky track. Our feet were often cut and bleeding. Yeah, sometimes we stopped for a short while because of pains and tiredness. But we walked on unaided. Nothing could hinder us from moving forward.

We walked on a long, quiet and scary road. We could hear the distant dogs barking and howling. Often we had to face them with sticks and stones, or to run away terribly fast. And then we had to face the local bullies. We had to walk in group, ready to help one another. We cried together and we fought together. But nothing could make us withdraw and quit.

We walked on under the hot afternoon sun when our bodies were hot and sticky. But we smiled and laughed aloud, seeing the fruits of our labors, and we were often refreshed, satisfied, and filled. And our eyes sparkled with hope. We went on tired, hungry, and thirsty everyday. But nothing could quench our spirit and kill our hope.

We walked during heavy torrential rains and thunderstorms, accompanied by strong wind squalls, and we were cold, hungry, and terribly scared. But nothing could deny and overcome our natural appetites and inclinations for success, not even the heavy storms and rains.

Now as I behold my big foot with the many scars, I smile, I laugh, and I cry, with tears swelling in my eyes.

Yeah, we walked to school barefooted.......



March 18, 2009 at 6:54 PM

Time changes and young people do not seem to appreciate the luck they have. The believe they deserve everything. And don't even thing of earning it.

We must not forget that everything that's worth does not come easy.



March 18, 2009 at 8:46 PM

That is really touching. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to feature your blog today on Blazing Hot Blogs. http://blazinghotblogs.blogspot.com
It will be posted within about an hour. Hey, worse things could happen, right?


March 22, 2009 at 12:23 AM

I'm lucky, perhaps. I wasn't able to experience walking a long narrow path with nothing but my bare feet wearing no slippers nor extravagant shoes. That was extremely touching. I appreciate the way you write sir.. It strikes the deepest part of a mans heart. It made me realized how pitiful I am to not notice how rich I am when it comes to physical needs, etc. I hope teens of my age would read this and together, with me, they'd appreciate it. I'll strive hard to reach my goals walking barefooted or not.