PTA Meeting

Standing in front of a big group of people giving a speech or coordinating a meeting is really not easy. It takes a lot of guts to begin with. We must have nerve or we wouldn't be doing it. We also need a lot of staying power, because we need to give an overview of the current situation, we need to tackle the issues and problems at hand, and most importantly, we want to attract and hold the attention of the audiences beside influence their acceptance and their willingness to take actions. But when the meeting is important for the effective and successful functioning of an organization, then it must be carried out soon enough.

I was sitting together with the PTA members in front of a huge crowd of concerned parents when this particular meeting was carried out. Everyone was listening attentively and respectfully to the speeches delivered by the chairman and the principal of the school. The main thrusts of the speeches were on the student welfare and school discipline policy and the school supervision plan.

Many parents present were illiterate and came from rural environments, and most of them were doing farming on a small scale. They sat straight up in their chairs and and paid undivided attention to what was being said. Sometimes they were seen nodding their heads showing their approval and appreciation. Sometimes they put up their hands, stood up, and shouted in agreement. Such funny and innocent moves cheered up the crowd and made the meeting lively and fruitful. And I for one salute them because these are the people who make the school proud, who make the local communities develop and strengthen, who make the nation grows and prospers, and who make the world a better place for everyone.

Many issues and problems were tackled. Many resolutions and recommendations were passed. A new committee for PTA was elected. Lucky draws were given out to the audiences. The meeting came to an end. Food and refreshment were served to everyone.

Yet too many meetings remain meetings for the sake of meeting. And here again is a meeting of hopeful people of vision. But just how soon and how strong are the impacts? And the common excuse is always....... no one knows......., it is difficult to measure........or is it because they are never measured at all.

Seek To Change

Some of us are always not happy with our life. We feel that we deserve better and we want others to appreciate us more. Yet we are not willing to work hard to improve and upgrade ourselves.

Some people are always not happy with their living conditions. Somehow others are living a happier, healthier, and wealthier life and they are unhappy about it. They watch from afar until jealousy and resentment dwell in the heart. And they start to smear and tarnish the good name of their neighbors. They make false accusations and incorrect statements about them. And they grumble and curse, and sneer and jeer at them. Yet they do nothing to alter their lives, or change and improve their present circumstances and livelihoods.

Some people are never satisfied with their present job and career. They are envious of others who are having a more successful, lucrative and satisfying career. Hatred and anger overwhelm them. And they attempt to slander and impugn the good reputation of their colleagues and bosses. They make false allegations and malicious rumors about them. They grumble and curse, and do harm and hurt them badly. But they do nothing to upgrade, improve or reorient themselves to face challenges and setbacks in the journey ahead, and to path the way to success.

Some people always face difficulties in their relationship with others. Somehow others are making truer and stauncher friends and they are jealous about it. Uneasiness and disgust sink in their heart. And they seek to split and destroy the good relationships and fellowships. They make false reports and fabricate stories about them. They grumble and curse, and defame and slander them. Yet they do nothing to restore and maintain their relationships with other people, and foster closer and stronger friendships.

How nice and sweet the world can be if we all seek to change ourselvesfor the better.

We Walk To School Barefooted

I remembered the old days when we didn't have shoes to go to school.

We walked on a muddy and slippery trail. Our feet were often cold and wet. And we slipped and fell heavily and our uniforms were often torn, dirty and bloody. But we walked on undeterred. Nothing could stop us from achieving our goals.

We walked on a gravelly and sometimes rocky track. Our feet were often cut and bleeding. Yeah, sometimes we stopped for a short while because of pains and tiredness. But we walked on unaided. Nothing could hinder us from moving forward.

We walked on a long, quiet and scary road. We could hear the distant dogs barking and howling. Often we had to face them with sticks and stones, or to run away terribly fast. And then we had to face the local bullies. We had to walk in group, ready to help one another. We cried together and we fought together. But nothing could make us withdraw and quit.

We walked on under the hot afternoon sun when our bodies were hot and sticky. But we smiled and laughed aloud, seeing the fruits of our labors, and we were often refreshed, satisfied, and filled. And our eyes sparkled with hope. We went on tired, hungry, and thirsty everyday. But nothing could quench our spirit and kill our hope.

We walked during heavy torrential rains and thunderstorms, accompanied by strong wind squalls, and we were cold, hungry, and terribly scared. But nothing could deny and overcome our natural appetites and inclinations for success, not even the heavy storms and rains.

Now as I behold my big foot with the many scars, I smile, I laugh, and I cry, with tears swelling in my eyes.

Yeah, we walked to school barefooted.......

Pool Our Talents

Some people are self-motivated and optimistic about the future. They learn through experimentation and persistence. They are incredible organized individuals who are dedicated and can learn well independently. They can manage their time well and they can take control of their lives. These are the people who are looking forward for a brighter future. These are people who are treading on the path to success.

Some people are scared and pessimistic about the future. They need a little extra push and encouragement to overcome their obstacles. They are naturally shy and ashamed of their living conditions. They lack confidence and self-esteem to move forward with their lives. They need helps to open their mind's eye. They need someones to help contemplate the journey ahead. They need further instructions on how to stay on track when the journey gets rough, tough and difficult to manage. They need the help of a mentor to stay along them treading the path to success.

We are not to claim that someone among us is stupid and helpless. God has made us all in His image and He has given each of us some talents. We are to polish up our talents and sharpen our skills. And we are to help others to discover and rediscover their talents. Until then, let us bear with them with patience and love.

Be positive, always.

Let us combine our forces and pool our talents together for the benefit of all.

Recognize The True You

Some of us have a nice and natural smile. Some smile awkwardly when they do. Others never smile in public at all.

Some of us truly laugh from the heart. Others laugh pretentiously while their eyes tells you a different story. And the rest do not laugh at all.

I enjoy watching the children smiling. They are really natural and carefree.

I enjoy hearing the children laughing. They come from the heart.

And I enjoy talking and listening to children. They are so true and sincere.

And I believe what Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14)

So the next time you are in the crowd, learn to be sincere and true and learn to speak from your heart. It will make a whole lot of difference and the world needs it badly.

But I sigh and shake my head every time I look at the crowd, noticing how very pretentious and egocentric we are... .

A Blade Of Grass

I enjoy lying on the grass on a slope, gazing up at the clouds reminiscing about the past. I love the wide blue sky and I enjoy watching the different cloud formations and feeling the light drizzle.

I also enjoy sitting by the river bank, listening to the flowing water, watching its ripples and the fish swimming and chasing one another. And I love watching the birds flying in the wood and the leaves falling from the trees.

Sitting and lying on the grass always bring me peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of soul. And it restores my strength and my desire to go on in my life.

I love to pull a blade of grass, put it in my mouth and chew it slowly. I enjoy tasting its juice and smelling its natural aroma even until today. LOL

I believe we often overlook the lessons from a blade of grass.

A blade of grass always stand up on its own. It stands tall to few meters high. And it stands proud anywhere it is found.

A blade of grass stands the wildest storm even when many other tall and mighty trees have fallen. Though It may bend in the wind of a storm, it remain whole.

A blade of grass stands deep submersion in salty and muddy water for a long period of time. And it just doesn't get rotten easily.

A blade of grass can withstand great temperature changes. It can stand a drier climate than trees. And it can also stand more cold than most crop plants.

A blade of grass can also stand more mowing and cutting. It can stand more trampling in the play fields, in the parks and footpaths. It can even stand up to the need of grazing cattle.

And so here I am, lying on a carpet of grass.

It is just amazing how this green patch of grass can bring so much peace to my mind, joy to my heart and soul, and strength to my body.

The blade of grass continues to stand up strong and looks great regardless of the amount of activities it handles. The grass continues to sway when the wind blows or when you walk through it...