Buy A Family Computer

I believe computer is a necessity nowadays; it is a must have to every family. I would strongly encourage every family to have at least a desktop computer or a laptop at home. And I think a good computer is an important tool to help our children in their studies.

Many parents have difficulties deciding whether to buy a computer for their children. They don't want their children to get spoiled by playing too many computer games and neglecting their studies. They don't want their children to get addicted to the online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. But escapism is definitely not the answer when problem arises. And I believe there are proper ways to control and regulate the use of computer at home and to glean its benefits.

Computer is a vital source for information, insight, and advice. Through the proper use of computer, we can have a fantastically wide and valuable source of information. There are online dictionaries and encyclopedias to help our children with their homework and projects. There are many supporting tools and resources to help them understand the subjects better and perform better in their studies. There are also ready online learning and revision tools and programs that can aid overcome their weaknesses and develop their strengths in the key areas of their studies.

Our children can also learn through the various educational games. There are varieties of games that can help to inculcate good virtues and behaviors, such as honesty, mercy, love and care, duty and responsibility, obedience etc. And I believe positive attitudes like the desire to win and to do better the next time round are actually good to motivate our children to improve themselves.

Of course, many of us parents will still be worried about the many violent and destructive computer games that are not suitable for our children to play. But we can always monitor our children by putting the computer in the living room and watch on the games they play and the websites they visit.

I believe occasional computer games will help the children to play together and relax, and sometimes make the family to come together to have joy and fun. As parents, we must bear in mind that too much study is not good for our children; they need time to unwind, relax, and enjoy.

It is important for every family to invest in the use of a computer at home. Then, the next important thing to do is to control and regulate our children on its usage. But I believe it is not that difficult, if we have the best interest of our children at heart.