Avoiding Friends

In our daily walk of life, we meet and deal with many people. Many of them we have accept as friends, while few others are strangers or enemies to us.

Among our many friends, there are those who are not worthy to be called friends. Some are busybodies, and love to meddle into other people's affairs. These are busy talkers and chatterers, and sometimes rumour mongers. With this group, I will try my best to avoid, before I become a rumour consumer.

There are those slanderer and backbiters. They have nothing good to talk about people. Their lives are so pathetic that they are filled with jealousy, hatred and envy, and they wouldn't settle down until they have hurt and harm others. With this group, it would be better for me to hide and stay away.

Then there are those profiteers and opportunists. They demand money and power, and they wouldn't mind to mistreat, misuse, and abuse others in order to climb the ladder of success. With this group, I have hair raising experiences, and I would never come near them.

Then there are the pessimists and skeptics. They always change a good day into a bad day, and a good person into a bad person, and extinguish all hope of a better future. With this group, I would better not stay, before I lose all hope of confidence and victory.

Life is rough and tough when we have many friends like these. They are friends, and they are not my friends. With these groups, I will definitely avoid and stay away from. They are not worthy of my love and attention and care.

We all have friends, and we meet and deal with many friends everyday. Which group or groups you think you would rather avoid before they spoil your day?