Buy A Family Computer

I believe computer is a necessity nowadays; it is a must have to every family. I would strongly encourage every family to have at least a desktop computer or a laptop at home. And I think a good computer is an important tool to help our children in their studies.

Many parents have difficulties deciding whether to buy a computer for their children. They don't want their children to get spoiled by playing too many computer games and neglecting their studies. They don't want their children to get addicted to the online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. But escapism is definitely not the answer when problem arises. And I believe there are proper ways to control and regulate the use of computer at home and to glean its benefits.

Computer is a vital source for information, insight, and advice. Through the proper use of computer, we can have a fantastically wide and valuable source of information. There are online dictionaries and encyclopedias to help our children with their homework and projects. There are many supporting tools and resources to help them understand the subjects better and perform better in their studies. There are also ready online learning and revision tools and programs that can aid overcome their weaknesses and develop their strengths in the key areas of their studies.

Our children can also learn through the various educational games. There are varieties of games that can help to inculcate good virtues and behaviors, such as honesty, mercy, love and care, duty and responsibility, obedience etc. And I believe positive attitudes like the desire to win and to do better the next time round are actually good to motivate our children to improve themselves.

Of course, many of us parents will still be worried about the many violent and destructive computer games that are not suitable for our children to play. But we can always monitor our children by putting the computer in the living room and watch on the games they play and the websites they visit.

I believe occasional computer games will help the children to play together and relax, and sometimes make the family to come together to have joy and fun. As parents, we must bear in mind that too much study is not good for our children; they need time to unwind, relax, and enjoy.

It is important for every family to invest in the use of a computer at home. Then, the next important thing to do is to control and regulate our children on its usage. But I believe it is not that difficult, if we have the best interest of our children at heart.

Avoiding Friends

In our daily walk of life, we meet and deal with many people. Many of them we have accept as friends, while few others are strangers or enemies to us.

Among our many friends, there are those who are not worthy to be called friends. Some are busybodies, and love to meddle into other people's affairs. These are busy talkers and chatterers, and sometimes rumour mongers. With this group, I will try my best to avoid, before I become a rumour consumer.

There are those slanderer and backbiters. They have nothing good to talk about people. Their lives are so pathetic that they are filled with jealousy, hatred and envy, and they wouldn't settle down until they have hurt and harm others. With this group, it would be better for me to hide and stay away.

Then there are those profiteers and opportunists. They demand money and power, and they wouldn't mind to mistreat, misuse, and abuse others in order to climb the ladder of success. With this group, I have hair raising experiences, and I would never come near them.

Then there are the pessimists and skeptics. They always change a good day into a bad day, and a good person into a bad person, and extinguish all hope of a better future. With this group, I would better not stay, before I lose all hope of confidence and victory.

Life is rough and tough when we have many friends like these. They are friends, and they are not my friends. With these groups, I will definitely avoid and stay away from. They are not worthy of my love and attention and care.

We all have friends, and we meet and deal with many friends everyday. Which group or groups you think you would rather avoid before they spoil your day?

Adgitize - World Class Advertising On A Blogger's Budget

Adgitize is an advertising solution for bloggers.

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Basically there are three ways to use Adgitize: you register and use the site as an advertiser, blogger, and affiliate.

The whole program is run on a point system; the more activities you do (e.g. posting to your blog, reading other members blogs, advertising, or clicking on advertising), the more points you will accumulate.

At the end of the month, all the points are added together and revenue set aside as payout will be evenly distributed to all the points. The payout is approximately 1 cent for every 5 points.

You won't get rich using Adgitize, but you will make a little pocket money, you will generate traffic to your blog, and you may even raise your Alexa ranking.

Advertisers can place ads in one of two sizes, 125 x 125 and 468 x 60.

Publishers can have up to 10 ads on their site (if they go with the smaller size). The more ads are displayed, the more points they generate.

Advertisers can have their ads displayed for seven days for $7, fourteen days for $10, or a month for $14.

The majority of members find that their points once converted actually pay for their advertising and give them a little extra money.

The affiliate program is very simple. Members make a $5 "finders fee" for every referral that purchases advertising, and they receive $1 each month as long as the advertising is renewed.

So what are you waiting for?

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Peace Be With You

Some of us are by nature peaceful and friendly. We love to live in peace and harmony with all beings, with the living and beautiful nature around us, and with the Almighty and the eternal God.

Some of us live without grumbling, mumbling, or complaining. We are able to manage our lives well and in an orderly fashion. We are always positive and productive in thoughts, words, and actions.

The peace of mind enables us to think straight and to make good decisions; it enables us to think critically and creatively; it enables us to reason, analyze and evaluate information; and it also enables us to plan, execute, and monitor actions.

The peace of heart enables us to live lives to the fullest; it teaches us to seek peace, reconciliation and forgiveness; it makes us quieten our hearts and relax, and learn to listen attentively, and speak clearly and confidently.

The peace of mind, heart and soul enables us to manage our lives well. We are able to act fast and take the necessary steps to have the works done well. We are able to produce quality work and handle multiple tasks in a fast paced environment.

A successful man learn to live life without regrets. He or she may not be a perfect man, but always seek to live in peace and harmony with everyone and everything.

A successful man can rest and sleep in peace at the end of the day, knowing all is well and beautiful in his or her life.

May peace be with you in everything you do. May you find joy and happiness in all the activities you undertake. And may you be blessed all the days of your life.


I am not a good reader of books; though I know reading is a good habit, and I have tried to make up my mind to read more, I don't really spend much time reading even when I am free.

Some of my friends are book addicts; they cannot live without books, and they have to bring books wherever they go. Some of them told me that they couldn't stop reading until they have finished the whole book; they could read until late at night or the early hours of the next morning.

I can never finish reading a book in one sitting, even for a thin book. I will need to take a break from time to time to relax and ease my mind, before I can continue reading. Sometimes, it will take me a few days to a week to finish reading a book.

In my younger days, I needed to refer to the dictionary every time I read, and this was especially true when I read an English book. English is not my mother language and I had difficulties learning English in my younger days. My children don't have this problem, since they all speak English at home.

Until now I still have problems with my reading speed; I still have difficulties finished reading a book in one sitting. I believe the main cause is the lapse of concentration and indiscipline. I really need to set aside time to read a book everyday to help improve my reading habit.

It is good to know that my children love and enjoy reading. And they are always reading novels and stories. They have bookshelves filled with books. I am proud of them.

Maybe as we grow older and wiser, we need to read more books, so that our speech may always be gracious, seasoned with salt, and know how we ought to answer others when the time comes.

Oh reading, my weakest point, how I wish I can do better!