Life In A Mess

Life can be a mess.

We do things without thinking or reasoning. Then we are not happy with what we do. And we wonder what has gone wrong.

We look around helplessly. Then we discover many like us, walking around and working aimlessly; wasting time and effort; living with unfulfilled dreams and desires; with broken heart, broken spirit, sorrow and disappointments.


Life without clear purpose can be miserable.

We get bored easily when we don’t like what we do; we get tired easily when we have to repeat the same task, again.

Life becomes monotonous and we become sluggish; life becomes stressful and we become emotional.


Life without clear direction is not worth living.

We change from one job to another, and we are busy doing nothing.

Nothing interests us more than feeling and sensation, and we become helpless when we don’t know what else to do.


Life isn’t good when we live only to please ourselves; we must also learn to serve God and others.

The newspaper men complete their round before the town awakes; the shopkeepers set up the stores before customers arrive; the farmers move to the farm before the morning sun.

Everyone is ready early and starts early; everyone serves God and others when the day begins.


No, life needs not be a mess.

When we have a clear purpose and direction in life, and when we have a willing, and a sincere and genuine heart to serve God and others, then we are ready to begin our day.

Life can be wonderful everyday when we know what we are doing, and it can be meaningful when we learn to make others happy.

We don’t mourn our loss and wallow in self-pity; we carry on with our lives, everyday.

No, life needs not be a mess.



May 28, 2010 at 11:55 PM

i am moved by your words. thanks for sharing this.
life can be messy sometimes. but God will help us clean our messy lives.

thank you for reminding me on cleaning up my messy life. :-)


May 29, 2010 at 2:42 PM

It is good to grasp the messiness of life because such comprehension enables us to take a broom.