I Wasn’t Too Late

I woke up 2 hours late on Monday. I was following a by-election in my State until almost 12 midnight. I couldn’t sleep when there was perplexity still hung on my mind, and in this case it was the public announcement of the voting result.

I didn’t know why the delay in the counting of the final ballot box. I had read about the unofficial results of the other ballot boxes from a website two hours earlier.

But it was none of my business; I just wanted to know the official result before I headed for my sleeping journey.

By 12.00 a.m. I switched off everything and began my nice and deep sleep, feeling rather satisfied with nothing lingering in the mind.

I woke up at 5.30 a.m. refreshed and energized.

I washed my face; drank some water; opened my laptop; powered up my computer; and began my day.

It wasn’t easy to start the day sometimes; I sat down thinking about what to do.

I finally made up my mind to write an article for my blog.

I thought seriously about the topic; listing down my main points; tidied them up and put them in order.

I began to compose my essay. It was 20 minutes later when I did the final touch up and published it.


We know what to do when there is a shortage of time.

We know how to work single-mindedly; we know when to be serious and do things one at a time; and we always know how to accomplish what is required in time.


Too often we spend too much time concentrating on details while ignoring the larger context; we emphasize the depth of our study, and forget totally our purpose in doing.

It is only when we have to meet a certain deadline that we begin to concentrate on our main task, specify our every step, and execute our very actions.

It is only when we are face to face with a problem that we see the importance of thinking straight, feeling positive, and doing right.

While saying so, I must reiterate that I don’t condone wasting time and doing things last minute.

Rather, I emphasize the importance of apportioning our time and energy more intelligently and prudently to reach our goals.

Oh no! I wasn’t late for work that day; I reached my office by 7.00 a.m.


  Lil Chacha

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