The Grass Cutting Guys

The grass cutting guys came this morning.

It had been quite some time since their last visit; the grass had grown tall and thick.

They came masked and dressed like a ninja, fully covered and protected. The only difference I could find was the gardener’s hat that kept them from the sun.

I saw them getting ready the brush cutter by pulling the trigger. They warmed it up a little. They revved the engine a couple of times by pressing the trigger, injecting more fuel into the engine and causing it to spin faster.

I watched them carefully and studied them. I was inquisitive as to what and how they would do it. I admired their punctuality, but I had yet to see their workmanship, professionalism and dedication.

Except for a little trash talk, none of them discussed about their work. I presumed they must have decided on what and how they would do before they came, or it might have been their normal routine on any given task after years of working together.

I could see they were working in pair, back to back to one another, one fellow cutting an area of the field while the other fellow cutting the opposite side.

As they were cutting the long and thick grass, I saw the grasshoppers, the locusts and many other insects escaping, hopping and running away wildly. It would be a good morning exercise for them carrying their belongings; I chuckled and had a good laugh.

A large patch of the field was cleared in no time. The well-trimmed grass field looked beautiful and welcoming. It would be nice to step on it and enjoy the wind and the cold out in the open. The smell of the freshly cut grass must be intoxicating and invigorating. Wow! Standing in the open field and stretching out the hands would be nice. It offered an excellent break from the normal routine of life.

The morning sunlight was shining brightly down on the workers. I could see the beads of sweat dripping down their bodies. They were sweating through their hats, scarves, gloves, shirts, stocking and pants. I imagined a brown tanned body bathed in thick sweat! They would surely look sexy to many admirers, I smiled.

I loved what I was seeing today and I was enjoying my sweet time. Then my mind wandered.......

Many things happen every day. Some seem so insignificant and trivial. But it is never insignificant or trivial to the people concerned or involved. To them, it is so very important and urgent that they must do it fast. And it is never insignificant or trivial when it involves the well being of others.

A wise man expands his horizons and enhances his own wisdom by opening himself to learn from the virtues of others. And here is one for me to learn. What have you learned from the grass cutting guys?



May 3, 2010 at 11:29 PM

I am happy to drop my entrecard here. Nice topic. It's a life sir. Some people need everything has to be significant. But like a wiseman said, we need to enhance our horizon, because life is so beautiful if we can enjoy our life in a wide vision. I call this as a positive life.

  carol esguerra colborn

May 5, 2010 at 7:01 AM

thanks for posting regularly and dropping on my blog frequently!